4 Social Media Trends Really Helpful During Coronavirus World

4 Social Media Trends

4 Social Media Trends for Connecting with Customers during COVID-19

With the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic, the future of most of the economies remains uncertain. Although few countries have relaxed the lockdown restrictions, people must distance themselves from others until there is a vaccine for coronavirus. The spread of COVID-19 might have created physical distance among people, but communication has never been cut off till now. The surviving businesses are making good use of the Social Media platforms to communicate with their customers, team members, business partners, etc. But social media would not turn into a regular business marketing strategy. People on social media always look for innovative and attractive content. With lots of audience occupying the social media platforms, you could also keep in touch with your customers and here we have 4 social media trends for that.

1. Assure the safety of your customer:

During this time, more than the service you provide to your customer, always insist on the need for social distancing and self-hygiene. Let them know that you are concerned about their well-being. Make sure that the steps taken by your business to deliver the product are clean and free of contagion. Contact-free deliveries and product safety should maximize business performance.

2. Keep the customers posted:

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter offer many ways to communicate with your followers and customers. You can advertise your brand through these platforms and share your pages and links. Make sure to update your page daily with new posts.

3. Educate your customers:

Provide your service based on people’s needs. Make use of social media to educate your customers through online classes. You can make some DIY videos so that your customers can learn something new. This will yield you more followers and hence do good to your business.

4. Engage your customers:

Making contests and sharing funniest memes or posts attracts huge customers during this quarantine period. Encourage people to take part in the contests and advertise your brand through different platforms. Make sure you always respond to the comments your audience make on your posts.