5 Tools To Boost Your Instagram Marketing In 2020 – 2021

5 Tools To Boost Your Instagram Marketing In 2020 - 2021

Top 5 Instagram Marketing Tools | Guide

Instagram is a great place to promote all your stuff and improve business. It is a constantly evolving digital platform where you can find the latest features that could help marketing. Here, we list five tools to boost your Instagram Marketing in 2020 – 2021.

1. Pixaloop

It is a photo animation app that lets you modify your images in a cartoonish way, which eventually attracts the followers and the customers. The major feature in this app is that you can freeze or move a portion of the image with a set speed and direction. Also, you can add animated objects or 3D motion to the image, giving it an illusion of movement like a GIF. Further, you can share and export your GIF among several groups and audiences. This is one fun way to do creative marketing.

2. Later

If you are finding it hard to maintain an active Instagram profile, then Later could be your rescuer. It schedules the story updates of a profile for a week, month, or a few months. In the scheduler, you can add cool images, captions, links, and so on and track the scheduling data required. When the app works, you have to confirm the update with a swipe.

3. Linktree

The links are more important for any business, but Instagram lets you add the link only on the Bio page of your profile. The Linktree app helps you pin the links you want on a separate page, which is going to help your customers and audience access the webpage with ease.

4. Unfold

It can be quite untidy for your audience to follow all the links and posts if you upload different stories or posts every day. So Unfold is a better option to categorize the stories using different templates. This feature updates every day, presenting creative themes each day.

5. Finteza

This should be the favorite app for digital marketers; it allows maximum conversion and helps in analyzing and monitoring the data spent overall. All the ads and additional webpages that open can consume a lot of your data. So Finteza plans the mobile data according to the events of the profile.

The above 5 tools are really helpful for your Instagram marketing in 2020 – 2021.