7 Tips For Your Instagram Growth

Instagram Growth

7 Tips: Instagram Engagement

These days, Instagram has become an absolute must for businesses. Using Instagram, you can promote your brand and attract more followers. During these pandemic times, the time that we spend online has increased, and Instagram has turned out to be a distraction that all of us welcome.

We have listed 7 tips (or strategies) that you can implement for faster Instagram growth:

1. Consistent Posting:

If you do not post consistently and frequently, your target audience’s expectations and interests will slowly come down. If you keep on posting every day for some time but stop doing it for a month or so, your followers might completely forget about you or your brand. When you try to start posting once again, you might not have the same followers anymore. Therefore, you have to keep posting consistently and frequently.

To help you stay on track, your Instagram strategy must have a clear outline of a target post frequency. The bottom line is that you need to create a suitable schedule and then stick to it.

2. Using a Scheduling Tool:

Planning ahead and making use of a scheduling tool will work wonders while using Instagram. By doing this, you will be saving a lot of precious time and also reducing stress and the chance for committing errors.

Instagram contains a scheduling feature within the Facebook Ads Manager and this will be helpful to all the social media marketers.

3. Contests on Instagram:

By introducing an Instagram contest, you can gain a lot more exposure for your page. And, that is because people are always in love with free stuff. If you post that you are going to give something away, more people will start entering your contest. Giveaways and contests work very well on Instagram. The best part is that these giveaways and contests don’t have to be planned to the last detail. Just a few simple steps have to be implemented to make a plan for a contest. Through a contest, you can make people perform the following:

  • Request them to repost photos.
  • Ask them to like your posts.
  • Make them share stories.
  • Request them to comment and tag friends.

4. Using Instagram Live:

82% of people prefer watching a live video to looking at a social media post. This is where Instagram Live comes into play. Instagram Live videos let you stay at the top spot on your followers’ story feeds. Added to that, the videos will send push notifications to your followers and let them be aware that you are live.

Instagram’s algorithm favors business accounts that utilize Instagram Live by doing the following:

  • Boosting organic engagement
  • Making profiles much easier to discover

5. Using Instagram Stories:

You can make use of Instagram stories just as you use Instagram Live to attract more followers. Around 500 million people use Instagram stories daily. Out of them, a whopping one-third of the most viewed stories are from businesses. When you show your brand off through stories, it will pave a path for your audience to engage with your business.

You can easily post Instagram stories. To create an Instagram story, you need a quick picture or video that can be shared with low risk. Your story will be available for just 24 hours.

6. Using Hashtags:

Hashtagging is very effective and useful since it helps in categorizing similar content. Using hashtags will make sure that your content is a lot more discoverable. Instagram posts that utilize hashtags have a 12.6% increase in engagement when you compare them with the posts that don’t.

You have to use your hashtags strategically for faster Instagram Engagement.

7. Making your page cohesive:

This factor is the key to faster Instagram growth. Since a lot of people like consistency, you have to make sure that your page is consistent and also relevant to your brand.

The images or pictures that you take and post on Instagram have to be cohesive. Please make sure that your picture backgrounds and the lighting are consistent during your shooting. For example, consider fashion marketing. Here, avoid taking pictures of clothing items against a different backdrop for all your posts.

You can use the same Instagram filter for every post. By doing this, you can make sure that all your images appear cohesive.

We have now seen 7 tips (or strategies) that you can implement for faster Instagram growth.