How To Use Instagram For Small Business? (Without Spending Money)

Use Instagram For Small Business

7 Ways To Use Instagram For Small Business (Without Spending Money)

Investing a huge amount to market your brand won’t be an easy task unless you own a business that earns you in Billions daily. However, if your business is still budding, all you would be thinking is to cut the cost and increase the earnings. This will hamper your marketing strategy. But why do you want to concentrate on other strategies when you have the option to get to your audience without a penny being spent. Yes, the option is the social media platform, where all you need is an account for your business and interactive content to engage your audience. Here, we provide you with seven possible ways to use Instagram for Small Business grow without spending money from your wallet.

Before getting into the ideas, make sure you have an Instagram account for your business.

Make a Goal & Strategize:

A journey without a goal may lead you to an unknown land. So make sure what your goal is and then device your strategy. For instance, if you want to make your audience familiar with your brand, then post more photos and videos showcasing your brand. On the other hand, if your goal is to attract more customers to your web page, then post content accordingly. But make sure you have a goal.

Make your Presence Felt:

Having an empty account is of no use. You have to make your presence felt by posting daily. If possible, post multiple times a day. The content you post on your Instagram must be fresh to your audience so that they will begin to follow your business.

Post Authentic Content:

The content you post on your account should not be duplicate. Often, users tend to post their own content repeatedly when they run out of content. This should never happen to you. Posting duplicate content would let you lose your followers. You can make use of User-Generated Contents (UGC). These are contents created on your product by your existing customers. Posting UGC will improve the trustworthiness of your business.

Have the Link in your Bio:

As Instagram does not allow to post clickable content, it is tough to make your followers land on your business website. However, you can add the link to your website in your Bio. Many of the Instagram users miss to do this, and you can stand out among others by having the link in the Bio section. And, in your posts, you can request your audience to click the link in the bio to land on your website.

Never Miss out to Comment:

When you post your content, make sure you respond to the comments by your followers. They might be your customer, someone thinking of purchasing your product, or even might be some other brand users. But your interactions pose you as an active person to your followers.

Keep your Focus on Quality over Quantity:

Initially, it might seem like more content attracts more followers. But later, you might realize that one quality content can attract as many likes and comments as ten or more low-quality content attract. So, never compromise on the quality of the content you post on your account.

HashTag Usage:

Hashtags often make you to the top when it gets trending. But be cautious while creating a hashtag and do not overload or misuse the hashtags. Some tips for creating a hashtag:

  • It must be memorable.
  • It must be reasonable.
  • Use it consistently and use it everywhere.
  • Let it be short and simple.
  • It must be relevant to your business.

Also, do not add too many hashtags within a single post.

These aren’t the only ways to make use of Instagram for your business. There are many more which you will get to know once you land your business on the Instagram platform.