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15 Awesome Examples of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing's main goal is to engage people. Social media stands as an icon to inspire, amuse, enrage, and sell loads of stuff. The marketers are on a continuous mission in inventing creative ways and new ideas to increase their reach to people and simultaneously indulging in spreading their brand's message. And, here are few examples of the social media marketing that achieved the above goal. Let's quickly discuss 15 awesome examples of social media marketing.

1. Gillette's 'The Best Men Can Be' (2019-YouTube):

Gillette introduced a social media campaign in Jan 2019, targeting a future interpretation of manhood. The short film uploaded on YouTube addressed several stages of men, how they struggle in each different level: their kind of fear while bullying others, delivering emotions, etc. This plot also delivers a positive note on the importance of standing for others, showing care for your loved ones, and so on. The company also took it to Instagram, posting Male Role models (Positive) along with short stories about their life journey.

Campaign's Outcome:

30 Million views Managed to reach 150 million people in a month (#GilletteAd hashtag) 800 likes and 50 comments for the Instagram posts (quite higher than usual)

Reason for its success:

It addressed the most common and widely discussed issue of our society. It just took a brave step to convey to the audience the importance of change that eventually resulted in great success.

2. Greggs' #vegansausageroll (2019-Twitter)

The Greggs', a British bakery chain introduced their new vegan sausage roll in Jan 2019. They came up with a clever video adding Apple ads. It's not completely like the ads added advantage to this video, but the events that took place made this campaign a memorable one.

Campaign's Outcome:

Achieved over 516 million impressions on Twitter Retweeted the announcement tweet (higher than 15,000 times) Greggs' sales inclined to 9.6% in the early seven weeks of the launch. Reason for its success: Attained an incredible amount of attention for the brand by tackling a negative opinion influencer.

3. Spotify's #yearwrapped (2019-Instagram Stories):

Spotify came up with a campaign in 2019 letting its users experience the important musical highlights on their website. Its webpage covered most listened to artists, songs, genres, and some kind of fun data discoveries.

Campaign's Outcome:

In the month of its launch, it got mentioned in at least 1.2 million posts on Twitter. Over 60 million users involved with the in-app story experience. Reason for its success: It encouraged its users to share this on social media, which eventually brought a huge success.

4. Planters' The Death of Mr.Peanut-#RIPPeanut (2020-Twitter)

This campaign came up with a tweet announcing the death of the beloved mascot of Planters snack food company. Then posted a video ad on YouTube regarding the same.

Campaign's outcome:

Gathered almost 50,000 retweets More than a million times, a hashtag is used on Twitter

Reason for its success:

The idea of the campaign is so crazy that it eventually became a meme and resulted in good success.

5. Starbucks UK's #WhatsYourName (2019-Instagram):

This campaign involved in providing support for transgender and gender-diverse youth on trans rights.

Campaign Outcome:

Achieved 605,000+ views on YouTube Got 1,000+ comments in Instagram post Reason for its success:

The campaign came up with a clear and simple campaign hashtag, making it a big success.

6. WWF's #EndangeredEmoji (2016-Twitter)

WWF introduced a campaign with an idea to raise donations for species protection.

Campaign's outcome:

Achieved 1+ million tweets Gained over 200,000 new followers Got 59,000 donations

Reason for its success:

Made it simple with emoji to get involved with the marketing.

7. 'Ex Machina' (2015 – Tinder, Instagram):

This campaign played a role in creating fake Tinder profiles for SXSW 2015.

Reason for its success:

The campaign's content and its purpose played a major role.

8. BuzzFeed's Tasty (Facebook – 2016)

BuzzFeed's Tasty is nothing but cooking shows for the social media generation.

Campaign's Outcome:

Published 2,000 recipe videos 500 million users for each video 100 million Facebook fans

Reason for its success:

It's content.

9. Worldwide Breast Cancer's #KnowYourLemons (Facebook – 2017)

It launched an innovative and highly shareable campaign. It promoted breast cancer awareness.

Campaign's Outcome:

Reached 7.3 million people via Facebook posts

Reason for its success:

Tackled an important issue. 10. General Electric's #6SecondScienceFair (Vine, Tumblr – 2013) This Campaign involved the posts of at-home science experiments.

Campaign's Outcome:

Attracted 100+ million Loops

Reason for its success:

Handled user-generated content.

11. Ted Baker's #MeetTheBakers (Instagram-2017):

They organized a new campaign on a fake soap opera referred to as "Keeping up with the Bakers." This is to create digital window displays that combine the society with their real world.

Reason for its success:

Applied eternal appeal of storytelling to a new medium.

12. L'Oreal's Beauty Squad (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram – 2016)

L'Oreal promoted their products and events through a campaign.

Campaign's Outcome:

Achieved 100,000+ likes on Facebook and YouTube.

13. The Brit Awards 2016 (Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Vine)

This campaign used multiple social media platforms in an intension to invent an interactive journey.

Campaign's Outcome:

10 million views Achieved 81% increase in Facebook likes

Reason for its success:

Unique content

14. Visit Norway's #SheepWithAView (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube - 2016):

Visit Norway promoted tourism to the country.

Campaign's Outcome:

Reached 64 million people

15. Burberry Cat Lashes (Pinterest – 2016)

It offered customers a personalized experience on Pinterest.

Campaign's Outcome:

Created 30,000+ personalized boards