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20 Super Festive December Marketing Ideas

20 Super-Festive December Marketing Ideas to Try This Month

December is the highest selling month as it is the month of Christmas.The holiday cups of Starbucks has now been released. Get ready to stuff your bellies with turkey and pie. Enjoy your winter holidays and the start of a new year with the best ideas. Scroll this page to get attractive 20 super festive December marketing ideas.

As most people enjoy December with family and food, it affects business owners and marketers. If you have the right strategies and promotions, you can grow your business in December as well.

Free Shipping day:

When it comes to free shipping, most of the customers prefer this. According to a survey, only 20% of the world population used to pay for shipping. If you are running an e-commerce business, provide Free Shipping Day on December 14 by giving free shipping to all the products your customers purchase.

Dressing up for Ugly Sweater Day:

Make use of the festive spirit and celebrate Ugly Sweater Day on December 20. Build new ideas for your business this month to earn new customers. You can attract your clients wearing Christmas pajamas if it is suitable for your business. You can post your pictures with employees on social media and give an offer to anyone who visits your store on Ugly Sweater Day.

Celebrating Gingerbread House:

December 12 is National Gingerbread House day, on which you can host a contest with your employees. You can post the contest on social media and make the audience vote for their favorites. You can also involve your audience by asking them to share pictures of their gingerbread houses on their social sites and tag you. You can select a winner and gift them for promotion from the 20 super festive December marketing ideas.

Participating in National Flu Vaccination Week:

Healthcare professionals insist people to get their flu shots this year. So, you can help your customers with the details of the places where they can get their flu shots. You can share pictures of you and your employees getting the flu shots. You can reshare resources from organizations about the importance of the flu shot. Healthcare businesses can share videos regarding the importance of flu.

Celebrating the First Day of Winter:

While it seems like it’s been cold for the last couple of months, the first day of winter actually falls on December 21. Celebrate this day with a simple picture on your social media pages, a winter promotion, or with some special treats.

Wishing Hanukkah:

Businesses usually focus on celebrating Christmas and New Year for marketing. But they miss out on Hanukkah. You can energize your marketing by adding Hanukkah decorations to your location and conduct special promotions to target your customers.

Hosting giveaways:

You can try to connect with your audience by conducting giveaways. This is also a way of promotion as it enhances your circle.

Sending holiday cards:

You can send your holiday or New Year cards with a promotion to enhance your business. A greeting along with a promotional code will make your clients happy during these holidays try this 20 super festive December marketing ideas.

Instagram Giveaway:

Instagram giveaways are popular and can get you a boost in December around the holidays. Most people will be active on Instagram during the holidays. You can get more followers through a small giveaway and improve your business.

Hosting a Toy Drive:

The holiday season is the best time to conduct a toy drive and make your customers do the same.

Fix a large box for customers to drop toys in. You can offer discounts to your customers who make a donation and give them a coupon during their next visit.

Creating a Santa photography or a Winter Wonderland:

You can invite a Santa to come or set up a winter wonderland for customers. Of course, everyone wants to snap a picture with a giant polar bear and Santa. You can do your marketing with these photos.

Updating Your Google My Business Listing:

Holiday shoppers are going to make use of Google for their holiday needs. Let it be gift ideas, home cleaning, travel, safety, or more. You can make your business info up to date so you can be found on Google easily an get 20 super festive December marketing ideas.

Verify your contact information and update your holiday hours. You can upload photos of your seasonal products to give offers to attract customers.

Getting Social:

You can share pictures or stories of your family and celebrations on your social media profiles and ask your customers to tag you during their celebrations.

Creating a Gift Guide:

A gift guide will be a perfect idea for the festive season. You can include some of your products and showcase them.

Sharing 12 Days of Tips or Products:

12 Days of Christmas celebrating tips and featuring products will improve your business. You can showcase different products to match the celebration. This will increase engagement on your pages.

Decorating Your Location for Holidays:

Nothing will make the holiday spirit like the festive decor. You can put some lights inside and outside of your location and fix a Christmas tree full of lights. You can welcome your customers and improve your business to get 20 super festive December marketing ideas.

Taking Customers Behind the Scenes:

You can showcase to your customers what your business will be like during the holidays. If you are a baker, you can take your customers into the kitchen and show them how your workspace looks like. This will make your customers buy more products from you.

Staying Top with Email Marketing:

With the help of email marketing, you can make your customers think about you. You can include special promotions and set a simple reminder to visit your shop in the New Year.

Refreshing Your Online Reputation to get More Reviews:

You can focus on getting reviews for your business to improve your online reputation. You can ask your customers for reviews and post them. Use the top social media sites like Google My Business, Facebook, etc.

Finalizing Your Q1 2021 Marketing Plan:

As January will come quicker, prepare your marketing plan for 2021. You can accomplish your business goals next year and find ways to achieve your goals. And finally get 20 super festive December marketing ideas.