5 Reasons Why Your PPC Leads Are Not Converting

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Why Your PPC Leads Are Not Converting?

Why Your PPC Leads Not Converting?

Clients quickly blame the PPC channel when something goes wrong. PPC managers know what happens after a user becomes a lead. Some reasons why your PPC leads are not converting are shown below.

1. Miscommunication Between Teams

Observation from various organizations reveals the truth that marketing and sales teams don’t communicate effectively until there is a serious issue that could affect them adversely. The sales cycle will look like this: Marketing Drives Leads –> Sales Team Expected to Convert. But the in-between process is not looked into. It is a strategic concept that has nothing to do with PPC but concentrates on the business as a whole.

2. Sales Cycle Timeline Is Too longer

Other than actual data, Sales cycle timelines are mostly based on assumptions. There is always a responsibility from Marketing to Sales. The key to set realistic expectations is to communicate with each other appropriately.

3. Budget Issue

Check the last time your client audited their unqualified leads. When looking into PPC leads, the teams have informed that they were unqualified. According to the results, 85% were unqualified due to the budget.


4. High-Volume keywords Give Ineffective Leads

When campaigns are going well and hitting lead volume goals, they drop and aren’t converting. It’s time to look at campaigns. It’s easier to include a few keywords to show the majority of your leads.

Company Issues

Leads aren’t a good fit for the client. No PPC program is expected to drive 100% qualified leads. It’s not possible with automation in PPC campaigns. It’s always best to look again at the keywords to improve the efficiency of an account. These are the reasons behind why your PPC leads are not converting.