8 Things Amazon Sellers Should do to Prepare for Q4 Sales

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8 Things Amazon Sellers Should Do To Prepare For Q4 Sales

8 Things Amazon Sellers Should do to Prepare for Q4 Sales

Amazon's 4Th Quarter (Q4) is not so far away and it is the right time for the sellers to start planning for the holiday season. Q4 is Amazon's trump card and an amazing cash cow. Amazon has always had the knack of beating its own record every passing year and the record is broken in the three-month window (Oct-Dec). In 2019, Amazon generated a total net sale of $84 million in the Q4 season. So, the 8 things Amazon sellers should do to prepare for Q4 sales.

If you are an excellent seller, you should be already familiar with the shortcuts to go past the hustles during the holiday season. Now, with the Prime Day offers in Amazon in Q4, every seller would want to sit on the throne, and the competition is a lot harder than it's supposed to happen.

Amazon's preparation for the 4th Quarter will definitely break the sales record of 2019. The year is going to be particularly special for the buyers because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Every customer would choose the online shopping option. This has only caused to form a massive supply chain and bring a challenge for Amazon and for all its independent sellers.

Being in the shoes of an Amazon seller, the holiday season can also be the most lucrative period. With the COVID-19 pandemic taking over the world, the consumers have also made a shift in their purchasing habits. Even before the COVID-19, online retail has grown substantially. With the US retail spending is expected to see a 10.5% drop, the consumers are going to spend 18% more with e-commerce purchases.

Sellers will need to be poised and handle the extra demand, and also take the Q4 into their mind. There are some silly errors the sellers will make while planning for the Q4 period fr 8 things Amazon sellers should do to prepare for Q4 sales.

Here are 8 important things the Amazon sellers should do to prepare for the Q4 sales.


Always have a plan. Plan accordingly to get ready for Q4. You need to start working for the Q4 at least by the start of July. You will have to take into account the longer lead times during the holiday season and kick off the marketing and the advertising campaigns before Q4. As stated earlier, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the supply chain on a global scale. You need to expect the worse during the peak of the shopping season. Get in contact with your supplier, have a talk about the additional inventory you will need, and also consider longer freight and lead. You must also look into the fulfillment strategy for Q4. When you are a seller, you will have an additional bonus considering the Prime Delivery, which is an amazing boost for sales. If you know the additional storage fees, you can have the product packed and shipped by yourself. Always consider shifting to a Prime account or you will miss out on a lot of potential sales for certain products in the 8 things Amazon sellers should do to prepare for Q4 sales.


Once you have a plan laid out and ready to go, ensure you have enough supply. Go through all the listings and make sure you have the right set of keywords. Check for the product photographs and the description and run several tests. Keep the testing on the run with different images and titles before you settle for the listing with the highest conversions.

If you have your brand name registered on Amazon, spend a good amount of time on the A+ content and update them relevant to the branding information and features. You can even make alterations with the A+ content to match the needs during the holiday season.


Amazon has always been a constantly evolving place. You need to be innovative on a regular basis and make sure your portfolio stands out. If you are looking to find an increase in the reach and revenue, you should look to expand the product line. Great products can help you stay on top and also keep up to the customer demands to get a decent profit. Know the present trends and figure out the new products you can add to the inventory. Be ready before the beginning of October. The last thing you want is to compromise on the listing. so, do follow 8 things Amazon sellers should do to prepare for Q4 sales.



With the staggering growth in the e-commerce market, things have become more and more difficult for the sellers to stand out from the rest. With Amazon PPC, the sellers will have an opportunity to place their products on and off the retail platform. If you are looking to charge the sales in Q4, you need to have the advertising strategy ready before October and have a demo 2 months in advance. Run-on both the automatic and manual campaigns to tune the ads before October.



Brand awareness should always be the key to all your PPC campaigns. A sponsored brand will be featured in the brand logo along with a custom headline and three more products of the same brand.

Make the marketing strategy even more aggressive and bid on the brand names. Doing this will help the products show up when the customer is looking for the competitor's brand name. You can also direct the ads through the competitor.

When you are poaching customers from the competition, you should also protect your customer base. You need to bid on your own brand name for this cause. It will help in increasing the audience’s interaction with the brand. Run the campaigns based on the targeted products and advertise them to keep the customers hooked. And follow the 8 things Amazon sellers should do to prepare for Q4 sales.


With the demand right in time for Q4 is expected to skyrocket amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, you need to have a close watch on the inventory. This is the most important step when you are an FBA seller. There are premium storage spaces in the Amazon warehouse. You will have to pay more, keeping in mind the demand.

During Q4, there is always a 30% to 50% spike in sales. Take a look at the sales history from 2019, so you can make a decision about how much inventory is needed in 2020. Amazon's inventory is the best place to start.


The single way to walk out of the holiday season with a good margin is if you make the right promotions for the right products. Consider your margin scale when you are creating promotions. Holiday bundles are a great way to make profits. Make a proper plan and release the holiday bundles a few weeks in advance, so you will be able to gain the necessary traction.


As a seller, there is only so much to achieve in a 5 month period. Q4 is an amazing opportunity, but it can be tiring at the same time. The primary thing the sellers should know is to expect the unexpected. The Q4 is obviously the best time to take home a huge pay. When things do not go according to plan, it's going to be a huge regret. Have a Plan B and Plan C if Plan A doesn't go well for you. finally, get 8 things Amazon sellers should do to prepare for Q4 sales .