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Content Marketing is "The Next Big Thing" | DM

Content marketing will be a part and parcel of any marketing strategy in the future. But, we do not know what to expect in the coming years, which means that we cannot say for sure what will be the next big thing in the world of content marketing. As technology is continuously changing, the demands for different types of content will also keep changing. Authentic and valuable content will always be the first priority of any content marketing strategy. From the reports gathered from several top-notch content marketing experts, we can discuss the various features (or factors) that might be the Content Marketing is "The Next Big Thing".

Using Chatbots:

Today, most of the people expect quick and easy communication with their brands. People want to be connected with their businesses through the various social media platforms. It can be through a live chat on your website, Instagram, or Facebook Messenger. Those brands that do not offer such communication cannot retain their valuable customers. This is where chatbots come into play. Most of the automated chatbots are available online these days. The companies that use chatbots experience different success rates. The general deduction from the usage of chatbots is that they still have some way to go. However, making use of chatbots as content might become the norm in the future. Using chatbots, you can easily build a ‘character’ of sorts. And then, you can secure a solid identity, which will, in turn, serve as a brand ambassador. When you succeed in combining artificial intelligence and augmented reality, you will be able to bring your ‘character’ to life. This will provide your customers with a life-like experience.

Artificial Intelligence and Content:

In the near future, artificial intelligence will start creating the content that we are uploading onto our websites now. Many businesses are attempting to use artificial intelligence for creating posts and stories that are related to data like those in stock market updates or sports results. Websites such as Yahoo, Associated Press, and Fox have been using this type of automation for quite some time now. But the question that keeps popping up in our heads is: Will this sort of automation become the next big thing in the content marketing world? Many content marketing experts say ‘YES’ to the above question. In the case of news stories and standard updates, automation might help brands in staying ahead of their competitors. However, for more in-depth and valuable pieces, the human touch will be the better and more suitable choice. Let us take Google, for example. This search engine encourages content that exercises expertise, trustworthiness, and authority. User experience is still at the top of their list of content marketing guidelines. So, artificial intelligence still has a long way to go before it can take over completely.

Making the best use of Micro-Moments:

The most precious moment in any marketer’s life will be the micro-moment. A micro-moment is nothing but a small flicker of time during which a customer searches for some particular information or tries to make a purchase. These micro-moments provide a golden opportunity for any marketer. During these moments, a marketer has to capture the customer’s attention and guide them to conversion. However, it will surely be very challenging to capture someone’s attention within such a short duration. If you are able to offer your users an instant purchase or some quick information when they are in need of it, you can use these micro-moments to your advantage. On an average, the attention spans drop below 8 seconds, and so, these micro-moments will be crucial for promoting your brand. Because if all the above reasons, the next big thing in content marketing might be micro-moment marketing.

Cross-Team Content Marketing:

In most companies, you will find different sectors or departments that carry out a variety of tasks. Each of these departments will deal with clients in a different way. This diversity of insight helps in producing a more insightful content creation process. Although this kind of setup is common in many of the businesses, the demand for more tailored and personalized content will eventually make this setup a standard practice. Content that matches a customer’s position in the sales funnel will help in gaining the same customer’s attention and engagement much more effectively. Added to that, such content will make sure that the customers get the information that they need and exactly when they need it.

Deep Learning:

Deep learning and neural networks are very common in industries such as automobiles and agriculture. However, the industry that obtains considerable benefits from deep learning will be the marketing industry. For instance, let us consider GANs. GAN is nothing but Generative Adversarial Network. This is a deep-learning process that produces what we call ‘deep fakes.’ Using GAN, you can implement a different face onto a particular body. The process will be so accurate (or precise) that you cannot tell the difference! This technology will be very beneficial in eCommerce. It will be especially useful while you are trying on products such as clothes or make-up. While considering content marketing, this kind of deep learning technology might make the sales process both easier and difficult. As the markets keep getting more competitive by the day, content marketers have to keep changing their strategies. By using GANs and other such deep learning technologies for producing the right content at the right time, content marketing is sure to become more interesting. While content marketing keeps changing every day, the manner in which we deliver information to our clients will also keep altering. We might use artificial intelligence, micro-moments, or deep learning to create our content. But at this point, we cannot conclude Content Marketing is "The Next Big Thing". However, we can be sure about one thing. And that will be, ‘authentic and valuable’ content will be the first and foremost requirement in any content marketing strategy. Therefore, it will be safe to say that the next big thing in the field of content marketing might be any of the above-mentioned factors. But, the need for relevant and good-quality content will never change.