Digital Marketing Performance Evaluation In The COVID-19 Pandemic

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Digital Marketing Performance Evaluation In The COVID-19

Digital Marketing Performance Evaluation In Coronavirus Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic is causing disruptions in hospitality and travel, and also to the hospital supplier's associated organizations and marketing strategies. Marketing strategies differ based on region and time as the pandemic evolves. Here we show the digital marketing performance evaluation in the COVID-19


These are the main reasons for a change in digital marketing strategies and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) selection. 

Every hospitality enterprise has an organizational and marketing strategy that includes a digital marketing strategy to recover from the pandemic impact.

The recovery might be sequential or cyclical. Overall, most of the hospitality enterprises focus on the following three phases of recovery.

  1. Travel on pause
  2. Initial travel recovery
  3. Travel demand strengthens

Additionally, digital marketing enterprises/agencies and internal hospitality staff have to monitor these three phases.

Travel On Pause

Enterprises have to focus on guest safety. Also, connect with past and future guests. It can be established with editorial blogs, social media content, and paid placements. 

Guest safety, security, and flexible reservations have to be evaluated over time. 

Initial Travel Recovery

Digital marketing must focus on guest's safety as travel is starting again. There will be an increase in site traffic, bookings, search volume for relevant destination words, and flight searches in the Initial travel recovery phase. Marketers have to evaluate the number of social media views and comments and focus mainly on how digital users engage with the content in social media.

Travel Demand Strengthens

This is the last phase of recovery. It includes some subphases that migrate from awareness to engagement, commerce, and advocacy. Most importantly, key metrics have to be evaluated during this phase. The main focus of performance evaluation is commerce in the Travel demand strengthens. In addition to these three phases, KPIs must be evaluated over time within the enterprises begin to operate. If you need remote assistance regarding the best digital marketing performance evaluation in the COVID-19, click the call button available on the screen.