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Digital Strategy Updates | COVID - 19

Due to the current COVID-19 crisis, several industries are on pause right now. A lot of companies have changed their digital strategies to stay in business. These companies had to pivot their marketing and social media to stay afloat. In this situation, some brands have failed to change their tactics according to the different landscape. Frustrated and dissatisfied clients have started labeling such brands as “tone-deaf.”

From the words of entrepreneurs and other business owners in wellness, real estate, fashion, beauty, and other such domains, we can categorize the digital strategy updates. These updates can be used to boost your brand in these perilous times.

Building an Interactive Community:

Brands really need to turn their attention to building an interactive community. People look for a connection. All brands have now got the opportunity to listen to their customers. They can now concentrate on how their customers feel and what are the things they are in need of. The customers want the brands to be real. They also want to focus on positivity and health in these hard times.

So, it just boils down to the following things:

  • We want to be loved.
  • We always want to be safe.
  • We wish to lead comfortable lives.
  • We would like to be more real and authentic.

If you satisfy the above conditions and improve your brand by building an interactive community, it means that you are utilizing a powerful digital strategy.

Maintaining Positivity:

We are constantly in the midst of alarming reports and news from the media. In this scenario, many brands are brooding over which tone to strike on their social feeds. A very popular brand’s Co-CEO says that they have modified their digital strategy tactics and made them more suitable to the current situation. She also states that the motto, “We are our customer,” has gone a long way in changing their decision. She also adds that their organization has become a destination where the audience can feel a sense of understanding and community.

The Co-CEO (whom we are talking about right now) also wants her strategies to be a source of entertainment. The customers should feel positive and, at the same time, have a good laugh. On this Co-CEO’s Instagram feed, the viewers can see funny and inspiring videos and quotes along with movie clips. All of these are meant to provide a feeling of positivity.

Thinking Long-Term:

Businesspersons and entrepreneurs need to think long-term. Now is the time to concentrate on what is working and what is not. Business leaders must refrain from trying to lead using a fear-based response to the current situation. They should not be frantic or freaking out. These are moments to reflect on their digital marketing strategies. Now is the time to pay attention to your customers’ needs and listen to what they are saying. This is also the time to cut your costs. Since the current circumstances are not going to last forever, you need to think and do the right things for your brand on a long-term basis.

We have now discussed three major digital strategy updates that brands need to focus on at this point in time.