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Email Marketing Platforms Market Insights 2019 to 2025

“Email Marketing” is the process of sending commercial messages to specific recipients (or a group of recipients) through emails. Sending advertisements using emails and soliciting sales through them can also be called “Email Marketing.” It is one of the most popular digital marketing strategies.

An ESP or Email Service Provider is a company that aids you in sending marketing emails to prospective clients/customers. Using an email marketing platform, you can achieve the following :

  • Send better and more number of emails to customers
  • Automate your workflow
  • Form better relations with your customers

The email marketing industry is anticipated to develop at a CAGR of 19.6% during the years 2019 to 2025. CAGR is nothing but the Compound Annual Growth Rate. The market is trending and surely has a promising future.

Some of the best email marketing platforms are :

  • Constant Contact
  • GetResponse
  • MailChimp
  • ConvertKit
  • SendInBlue
  • Drip
  • VerticalResponse

The companies listed above are also the top ones in the global email marketing arena.

Today, MailChimp is one of the most famous and successful email marketing platforms. MailChimp lets you send a huge number of marketing emails immediately, at the click of a button. It also helps you in forming unique campaigns and optimizing your efforts.

There are many reports regarding the email marketing platforms industry that are circulating around the world. Such reports explore the profiles, market shares, production values, capacity, and product applications of each email marketing company. The Global “Email Marketing Software” market report provides you with details on the industry based on types, research, and applications. This Global Report also includes a SWOT analysis.

Email marketing platforms are classified on the basis of regions, applications, types (Cloud-based and others), and other such factors. Based on applications, they are categorized into SMEs, Large Enterprises, and Others.

We can conclude by stating that the email marketing industry is thriving, emerging, and constantly-growing. The market has an edge over so many others, and there are a million opportunities and jobs for youngsters in this field throughout the world.