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Google Algorithm Update 2020: June Unconfirmed Update

These days, SEOs continuously search for the latest Google Algorithm Update. The primary reason for the “Google Algorithm Update,” becoming the most popular keyword, is the uncertainty resulting after the rollout of every Google Update. Google announces just a few of the core algorithm updates (out of all the hundreds rolled out every year) that have a huge impact on the SERP. Here, we need to know what exactly SERP means. SERP is nothing but “Search Engine Results Pages.”

June 2020 Unconfirmed Update

June Unconfirmed Update - After rolling out Broad Core Updates, Google usually rolls back some of the signals. But such modifications are not announced by Google. So, we come to know about the SERP fluctuations only through the sensors.

On the 23rd of June, 2020, Google rolled back some signals of the May Core Update.

Google’s Roll Out of the May 2020 Core Update-4th May 2020

The SEO community is now facing another huge Google update-the Broad Core Algorithm Update. And, this is happening after a couple of months of recess. According to the Official Search Liaison (Twitter), the update has begun to roll out among different data centers. Apart from the everyday updates launched by Google, the Broad Core Algorithm Update has led to multiple implications. This update shuffles the organic results, thereby creating fluctuations in the website rankings. Nevertheless, Google says that there is no quick solution available in case an algorithm update hits you.

Unusual SERP Changes (March to April)

During the weeks that followed the spread of the Coronavirus, almost all of the Google Algorithm Update checkers indicated a spike in algorithm activity. This scenario might be caused because of two reasons. It might be due to the change in global trends or due to the incremental updates that were rolled out by Google. The local search results are encountering many changes owing to the fact that several local businesses are now closed (temporarily). Because of the COVID-19 crisis, the entire Google Map Pack has been subjected to very high volatility. However, we have to be aware that this is just a passing phase. Things will return to normal when the COVID-19 threat finally comes to an end. Google is trying to ensure that there is no fake news reaching the public through its SERP. This has led to vast fluctuations among many Health and Wellness websites. When you check the SERP page for COVID-19, you will get to know that Google is not taking chances by listing websites other than the high-authority ones. By taking a look at the algorithm trackers, we can see high fluctuations almost daily. As we are going through unforeseen circumstances, we see massive changes in the search landscape. Before now, such a scenario has never happened in the internet era. The fluctuations that are occurring currently need to be put under an in-depth analysis. Only then can we arrive at the factors that are causing such huge and violent changes in SERP. In case you are witnessing a considerable traffic drop or a notable decrease in keyword positions, it is recommended that you do not make a series of changes right now. You just have to keep doing whatever you are doing now and wait patiently until this phase comes to an end. Over the past two years, Google is in the habit of announcing significant algorithm updates before it rolls them out.

Featured Snippet Algorithm Update – January 2020

Google has rolled out an algorithm update that restricts URLs displayed in the featured snippet from appearing again in the top 10 organic search rankings. Danny Sullivan, from Google, stated that any web page getting featured in the AKA #0 snippet position would not be displayed again in the listing. He has added that the latest tweak in the algorithm will make sure that your Search Results page is never cluttered, and only the information that is relevant will be displayed. Every year, Google rolls out a thousand algorithm updates. But a broad core algorithm is released only a few times in a year. The importance of the broad core algorithm is associated with the impact that it has on the websites. Any of the broad core algorithm updates will lead to a lot of SERP fluctuations, thereby resulting in panic attacks among the webmasters. However, Google has been telling webmasters that the only method to recover from the impact created by a broad core algorithm is by building great and relevant content. Now, let us see what exactly a Google Broad Core Update is. Broad core update is an algorithm update that impacts the search visibility of a considerable number of websites. Every time Google rolls out an update, it reconsiders the SERP ranking of websites according to the following factors:

  • Expertise
  • Authoritativeness
  • Trustworthiness

In short, the above three factors are known as “E-A-T.” It is widely known that future algorithms will be of Google, by Google, and for Google. The survival of websites in 2020 and after will be based on the way in which webmasters strategize their SEO efforts to comprehend Google’s future course. We have now finished discussing the major algorithm updates rolled out by Google. We have also seen how these updates cause fluctuations in the search results. Whatever update Google announces or rolls out, building high-quality content is the only way to survive and procure a position among the top-ten search rankings.