How Google Announces AI Search Updates?

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Google Announces AI Search Updates

Google Announces AI Search Updates

Google has announced a lot of changes in the recent past that will make a massive impact in the Google ranks in the search results. Most of the changes have brought an impact in 10% searches and some closing in on 7%. Most of the updates are arriving by the end of 2020. Most of the other features have gone live already in the search results. Recently Google announces AI search updates. Detailed information are given below.

Google has made a lot of algorithm improvements and they are likely to create a more diverse environment in the search results. In our opinion, it is going to make several strides and degrees, even harder for Search Engine Optimizers.

One of the biggest surprises is that Google is bringing in BERT, which is a technique for natural language processing pre-training that helps Google understand words within the context of the surrounding words. BERT helps Google Search to have a better understanding of the search query.

With a stronger approach to the company making use of the AI to help its users, some of them include the knack to answer questions with appropriate answers. There are also very broad algorithms to handle the typos in queries. The company announced updates on Google Lens and other search-related tools. Most of them will be put to good use and some are going to be fun among users. You will also be able to hum a song and Google Assist will try to find out the song that matches the tune.

Google has already done a pretty neat job in dealing with the “Did you mean” feature. The company has already launched major improvements in the algorithm to use a deep neural network with 680 million parameters to have a better understanding of the context of your search query.


Google is making the most out of the AI system to get a better understanding of what a page is about, to have better answers for users. Google is also working on advanced computer recognition and speech recognition to tag some key moments in a video. The new algorithm will make things even simpler, especially for videos where the content isn’t added by the creators. It conclude that Google announces AI search updates by the end of 2020.