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Google May 2020 Update | Core Algorithm Update Rolling Out

Today-the 4th of May, 2020, Google’s Danny Sullivan confirmed and guaranteed the fact that a broad core algorithm update is rolling out. This update will be called the “Google May 2020 Update.”

Similar to all other updates, the May 2020 Core Update will take one to two weeks to roll out completely.

This is the second confirmed update this year. The previous one happened in the second week of January. So much has changed since January. The world is battling with a pandemic, and there has been an unimaginable impact caused by the virus. In this situation, there have been a lot of questions as to whether Google will pause its core updates.

No. Google is not going to do that.

Because this is the first declared update since the onset of the pandemic, the May 2020 Core Update will be volatile.

Whenever a core update is declared, websites will surely see some gains or drops in their search rankings. These changes in the rankings are directly attributed to content relevancy. If the website content has gained relevancy since the most recent update, it will definitely go to a higher rank. The inverse situation is also quite true.

There have been considerable shifts in the users’ search behavior since the declaration of the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, Google proclaimed that it has never seen so many searches for a single topic. The whole world wants to get information about the rapidly-spreading disease. Searches on affected cases, death tolls, cured cases, and a host of other data are being done. Chances of finding a vaccine, prevention methods, and information on the deadly virus are the only things that people all over the world are worried about.

People also search for scenarios in various countries since many of them are in a panic. They are frantic because they have to migrate from one country to another, maybe across continents. There are also hurried searches for buying things that are essential online. On the other hand, searches associated with tourism, travel, and entertainment have come down rapidly.

With the rolling out of the Google May 2020 Update, Google faces the challenge of catching up with the changes and updates in the searches done.

When an algorithm update happens, the services offered by SEOs will be considered highly valuable and helpful. The volatility of the update and the value of the SEO services are directly proportional. From this situation, we can conclude that there will be a considerable rise in demand for SEO-related jobs.

Google has always been emphasizing the fact that there will not be any “fix” in case there is a drop in rankings after a core update. Website owners need to make their content the best. Their content has to be unique, useful, and universal.

Google has been giving out advice on how people should cope with the impact caused by a core update.