Google Supports New Structured Data for Retailers

New Structured Data for Retailers

Google New Structured Data for Retailers

Google has started supporting the “ShippingDetails” structured data markup to display shipping information in shopping searches. Retailers make use of this structured data to include information about shipping policies and options related to a product. When they add the structure data to product pages, it will be shown in search results. Shipping information (cost and expected delivery times) are the key point for users to make purchase decisions. Users mainly concentrate on shipping costs. This is the reason why shipping cost information is shown on the Google search. Since June 2020, all the retailers in the United States of America are being benefitted by this structured data markup. Here is the list of entities that are used to represent different shipping costs and delivery times. Delivery Time - It is the total delay time between the receipt of the order and the goods reaching the customer. Does Not Ship - This indicates that shipping is not available to a particular destination. Shipping Destination - It indicates where the goods can be delivered to. Shipping Rate - It indicates the amount of money charged for shipping to a specified destination. Shipping Settings Link - It redirects to a web link that contains shipping rate and delivery time details. Additionally, retailers have another option to configure shipping settings in Google Merchant Center. It is designed for those who do not have active Merchant Center accounts. Therefore, it is not mandatory to use both the structured data markup and the Google Merchant Center.