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EAT In 2020 | Google Wants You to Focus On

Google presented the E.A.T guidelines for search quality in 2014, but it took up to 2020 to bring it into action. The full form of E.A.T. is Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness, which Google has introduced to evaluate the websites for ranking. The new evaluation method helps Google to perform better in quality searching and in organizing websites.

Previously, Google had several reviewers to rate the websites manually. With those reviews, it ranks the website for the search engine. It is difficult for Google to improve or degrade the website’s rank only with these evaluations, as Google receives the recommendations and feedback to refine the search engine only after ranking the websites based on the evaluations.

To make the evaluations more contemplative, Google has asked the evaluators to follow the E.A.T. guidelines, check the website structure, and then assess the website’s information.

The ‘E’ means to have expertise in the content you are sharing on the website. When you provide the right content to the readers, Google, and the evaluators, you receive good comments from the experts. Moreover, a small biography of the website and the developer can impact it in a good way.

Authority is important to represent the website. For that, you can link the author’s details and include sublinks to the post. If it is a guest post, you can make it free for the readers, until the post links back to the website.

‘T’ stands for Trustworthiness. As Google wants to know the developers and the authors working for the website creation, it examines the information provided by you on the page and understands the creator’s value. This way, you can improve your trust with your readers and generate more traffic. With the introduction of EAT In 2020., the search quality in the upcoming years is going to improve for sure.