How has COVID-19 Shifted Digital Marketing?

COVID-19 Shifted Digital Marketing

CoronaVirus Shifted Digital Marketing

Due to the pandemic, the world economy has been almost blown away. Most of the companies around the globe are still trying to get back to the track in their respective industries, whereas some have already made a commendable comeback. Due to COVID-19, the Digital Marketing field has shifted entirely. Scroll down this page to know in detail.

Connecting the product to a customer with Empathy

During this pandemic, most of the top companies have responded with empathy. Some brands used their business or influence to do good to the people. For example, some clothing companies have started creating and distributing masks to the public. Distilleries started producing hand sanitizers in response. Many digital marketing brands have started providing free tutorials or lessons and free trials.

Changing the Content

Some of the top brands have changed their content to ensure that their message remains relevant. According to the Digital Marketing Academy of Canada (DMAC), the two best examples of smart content shifts are KFC and Travel Companies. We all have seen the KFC ads featuring people eating chicken and licking their fingers clean. This ad was completely shifted to the current reality of hand-washing and social distancing.

Digitized Experiential Marketing

During this pandemic, most of the experiential marketers are trying to introduce innovative features to keep their customers engaged by providing personalized experiences. Some of the innovative features provided by the brands are Augmented and Virtual Reality, Gamification, and Multisensory experiences.

Paid Advertising

Most of the companies have taken Pay-Per-Click (PPC) as a part of their marketing strategy. Whereas still, some prefer CPC (Cost-Per-Click). But, during the competition, online advertising remains lower than its position prior to the crisis. In this current scenario, digital marketing is innovating new ideas to help companies and brands maintain a strong connection with their customers.