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How To Make Paid Digital Effective For Post COVID-19 | Law Firm

The COVID-19 situation has affected several fields, including law firms. Law firms have not been immune to the terrible impacts of COVID-19. There have been pay freezes, layoffs, and reduced cash flow among the law firm marketers. So, we can say that these law firms are included in the long list of areas that are facing the aftermath of the Coronavirus pandemic. Nevertheless, all these obstacles have inspired innovation among many law firms. Zoom webinars have replaced canceled dinner meetings and conferences. Many organizations, including law firms, are now on the path to business recovery. Offices are reopening, the commute has resumed, and meetings with social distancing have been started to fill the void caused by the COVID-19 crisis. After a prolonged time in the crisis mode, the law firm is slowly, but steadily attempting to get back on its feet. This indicates that it is high time that law firms start reevaluating their marketing strategies. They have to tweak their business policies in such a way that they are aligned to support their business goals. Paid digital media is one aspect that law firms have overlooked. It is a type of advertising and it has been embraced by many of the plaintiff firms. Yet, a lot of corporate law firms do not wish to associate their brands with aggressive sales strategies; they are more on the move towards content marketing, networking, and so on. So, it looks like these firms have chosen the more passive path, instead of the aggressive one. Paid digital media includes the strategic purchase of ad space on social media, search engines, display advertising, and a lot more. These platforms are capable of offering detailed audience data. When you combine detailed data with smart strategy and execution, you will be able to deliver what exactly your target audiences need. It is all about providing them with the required information exactly when and how they want it. Now, let us turn our attention to paid search. When a person searches online for a bankruptcy or estate attorney, it means that there is a client waiting. When this client looks for such keywords in Google or any other search engine, it throws not only the search results, but also the ads. These will not look exactly like advertisements. Instead, they will appear more in the form of a piece of content. For example, you might find an ad that has the following line: “Please click here to find out ten things you need to consider before you file for corporate bankruptcy.” Usually, marketers make their bid on specific keywords so that their ads are visible to someone who is ready to buy them. If you consult a smart strategist, you can get the best keywords, which in turn, would deliver good search results for the right price. It would take just a few weeks to create a strong digital campaign. However, it has to be planned properly for it to be very effective. The following is a list of factors that will ensure the ROI that you wish to achieve:

Perform proper keyword research: In case you are using a paid search campaign, the very first step would be to determine the keywords you wish to bid on for your firm. The words that you select will also tell you the required budget.

Have a dedicated landing page: Driving traffic to a particular landing page inside your website is a significant part of any paid search. This landing page should have a call to action button, such that it converts users’ interests into actions. Have a bold ad copy: It would be wise to look beyond the traditional messages while creating a copy for your paid search ad. In case the ad fails to engage your audience within the first few seconds, it means it is a waste.

Take a look at what performs best: The key to any successful campaign is to optimize based on learning. You will have to find out the platforms that are functioning the best. You need to know which of the ads are being clicked on and then use those insights for better lead generation.

Seek professional help: In case you do not have the necessary skill set, you can seek professional help. When you consult smart strategists, they will design, execute, and optimize the digital paid media. Law firms will be missing out on clients if they are not using paid digital media for the long haul. You can make use of paid digital media and obtain an attractive ROI, with a relatively low financial investment.