How To Operationalize Marketing-Led CX For Marketers At Every Maturity Stage?

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Operationalize Marketing-Led CX For Marketers

Operationalizing Marketing-Led CX For Marketers

Marketing-led Customer Experience is denoted by “MLCX.” It is now the right time to operationalize marketing-Led CX for marketers. Marketers have a better understanding of their customers when compared to other business units. So, they can elevate and also orchestrate customer experience in any B2B marketing. MLCX is quite a powerful technique/concept, but it is a bit difficult for marketers to convert it into reality.

We will be looking at some steps to operationalize MLCX in your company/organization at all the three levels mentioned here:

  • Ø Beginning of the CX journey
  • Ø Already on the CX path
  • Ø Ready to take all your existing CX efforts to a higher level

1. For The Beginners Of The CX Journey

Many organizations immediately start running with CX when they are not even ready to walk!

You have to begin the CX journey with a strong foundation. This task can be achieved by creating systems of measurements. There is a popular saying that goes…”What gets measured gets done.” So, first, you need to gauge the levels of engagement that are delivered by your existing approach. Only then can you test your new approaches. And then, you can optimize the results.


The following section describes how to operationalize marketing-led CX for marketers at this stage.

There is no necessity for any new technology to begin your CX journey. You will get a lot of insight into your customers through your CRM, CMS, and marketing automation platform. Your capability to track the sources that, in the beginning, referred customers to you could be very transformative. You can create UTMs (Urchin Tracking Modules), and by using them, you will be able to track online customer interactions. And from this data, you can measure the relative efficiency of the sources. These will include LinkedIn posts, search engines, display ads, etc. With this information, you can understand your customers in a better way. Then, you can think of methods to engage these customers more effectively. By doing these tasks, you can find out where exactly you have to concentrate on your efforts in the future to maximize your ROI.

This first step might appear to be a pretty modest one. However, it is the most significant step in operationalizing marketing-led CX for marketers at this maturity stage.

2. Already On The CX Journey

One of the mistakes that marketers easily make is that they underestimate the efforts required to focus on a single area. When they measure the impact, they tend to optimize everything at once. This technique will only dilute the impact. Try keeping it focused and manageable. Allow the data to tell you which of the channels is delivering the greatest impact. You can concentrate your efforts twice as much on that channel.

When you have identified a marketing-owned channel that performs excellently, you can begin with brainstorming ways to optimize that channel’s effectiveness. You can then find out the methods to make that channel serve your customers in a better and faster manner.


You need to focus on the three main areas of customer experience-technology, data, and content. Among these three, you have to identify the area that can be upgraded for optimal customer experience.

We have seen how marketers in the intermediary stage can operationalize CX. Now, let’s move on to the last, but still a crucial stage. Here, we will see how to operationalize marketing-led CX for marketers at the final maturity stage.

3. For Advanced Marketers

A customer’s journey might be divided across many business functions. It is the main objective of MLCX to convert this journey into a single one. Many marketers would possess a demonstrated capability in estimating and optimizing their marketing efforts. The next step they will have to take is to lead a cross-functional effort in delivering an intuitive as well as a cohesive experience to their customers.

If you wish to lead an MLCX initiative that’s expanding beyond the traditional constraints of marketing, you have to obtain organizational buy-in. You can easily achieve this using your proven track record. Try finding out where a cross-functional collaboration can decrease the friction and improve the customer experience. This action will help in increasing customer satisfaction.

We have now discussed the ways to operationalize marketing-Led CX for marketers at every maturity stage.