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How To Optimize Website For DuckDuckgo Traffic?

DuckDuckGo (DDG) is different from the other big competitors' Google and Bing. It does not track the user and ensures complete privacy in terms of search. While the big companies record privacy information like users’ search queries, DuckDuckGo is still an active competitor for Google without collecting privacy information from users. Since DDG uses a hybrid search engine, even the advertisements on its page will be relevant to your searches. It tends to be a perfect place for SEO-rich content. Read the below steps to learn how to optimize website for DuckDuckgo traffic.

1. Reconstruct the Keyword

DDG does not rely on the device location to generate search results. Without tracking, it can be challenging to produce the desired content. But they use the IP address to estimate the device location. It is better to use the colloquial word, local landmarks, exact place name, short forms, and unique words. This way, the DDG search engine could reach precise content.

2. Develop Quality Backlinks

A backlink is a link provided on a website that links to another page. These inbound links are important for SEO. The search engine ranks websites based on the quality of the backlinks. Use a third-party datalink tracker to find the high-value profiles. List the backlinks along with their metrics and always update the datalinks. Use the tracker to build a competitive tree of links.

3. Provide Instant Answers

On your website, while answering a query or search, try to give a definite answer or simple and direct answer. The search engine uses these answers as instant answers and highlights the webpage. Create instant answers on platforms that will attract visitors and then direct them to your page for elaborate answers.

4. Be Consistent

Spend time to understand SEO and practice it repeatedly. Try different tricks to achieve high traffic, which means you have to remain active. Also, invest time in other search engines and study the SEO techniques used. Make SEO content on other search engines to experience the variations in the SEO efforts.