How to Stay in Touch with Your Customers Via Email Marketing?

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How to Stay in Touch with Your Customers Via Email Marketing?

Innovation is what brings success for your business more than anything else. In the present marketing world, the competition to attract a new customer is higher, and it is the toughest task, to be frank. So while trying to attract new customers towards your products, you should also make sure that you keep hold of your existing customers.

Have you ever thought of carrying out email marketing for your business? Do you collect the email address of your customers when they first approach you inquiring about your product? No? 

Then, its time to stop thinking and get into action. Here are some tips that would help you Stay in touch with your customers via Email marketing.

What is the purpose of the email?

Before sending marketing emails to your existing customers or new email addresses that you have got, define the purpose of the mail. There is no gain in sending an email without any content or purpose. This will only lead to filling the customer's inbox, and probably if the customer is irritated, then your email id would be spammed. So first, decide what you need and send a mail according to your customers. 

How does the email appear?

Invest your time in designing the email after deciding its goal. Make sure the contents you use in your marketing email are all yours. Do not copy or use general templates. Show your uniqueness in your emails as well.

Be Precise :

Let your email be straight to the point. Introduce your customer to new offers or products in the mail itself, instead of sending them as attachments. Even if you send attachments, make sure they are not too big in file size as customers tend to avoid attachments in marketing emails.

Let it be personal :

Make sure the emails you send look personal while reading. Concentrate on the subject of your marketing email. Ensure the subject makes your customer read your mail. But it also should not be misleading, which will lead to loss of your customer's trust.

7 Ways: Stay in touch with your customers via Email marketing

  • When a new customer visits your business, send an introductory or welcome email.
  • You can send an email within a few weeks, asking for a review of your product.
  • Think of sending a complimentary discount offer to your new customer to upsell your product. Send this via email, so that the customer will be attracted to your future emails as well.
  • Wish your clients on their birthdays and other important occasions as this will help to develop a bond with your customers.
  • Make sure not to send irrelevant marketing emails to customers who are not interested in it. You can learn about the customers while interacting with them directly and plan email-marketing accordingly.
  • You can share the reviews of other customers about your product via email to your new customers.
  • Finally, decide on the time to send marketing emails. Do not send emails every other week.