Impact of Covid-19 on SEO and Digital Marketers

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Impact of Covid-19 on SEO and Digital Marketers

COVID-19 has made the living tough in all the spheres of the world. It has not only kept people within the closed door, but many countries are under lockdown. It has taken a huge toll on human lives and also on the world economy. Many of the businesses in the Corona-hit regions are starring towards uncertainty, and the sad reality is that the uncertainty still continues. It has also impacted SEO and Digital Marketing. The traffic has been reduced to many sites, and they have been forced to change their strategies. While it comes to marketing, only the pharma, food, and finance industries are still in existence, while other industries are facing a huge dip in their business.This article outlines a few solutions that could help you revisit your SEO and Digital Marketing plans.

Dedicated COVID-19 page:

During this critical period, it is always good to have a webpage dedicated to COVID-19 related information. This can attract sufficient traffic to your business. It is not necessary to cover up all the coronavirus-related happenings. It can be just the steps taken by your business to sustain amid the pandemic threat. The precautionary measures that you have taken can also be put up on your page.

Don't exploit the situation:

It is evident that most of the essentials are running out of stock due to lockdown and zero-productivity. So, this period should not be looked at as an opportunity to sell these essentials at an increased price. This may actually lead you to lose the trust of your consumers.

Create alternate fresh content:

The traffic for the usual content has reduced since the spread of Corona, and there is a drastic change in the browsing behavior of people around the world. So, it is time to create fresh content that the people are in need of. Make use of the SEO tools and algorithms to track the most searched keywords and generate content for that. Also, there are other digital platforms where people spend most of their time online. So, think of making DIY videos, so people could distance them socially and, at the same time, make their needs on their own. Make sure whatever content you provide is useful to your audience other than just entertaining.

Provide accurate info:

Whatever content you create online, make sure you stay on the right track. Never post misleading content that could affect your traffic, which is already struggling. Even Google might tighten up its algorithms to provide authenticated content to its users. So, by providing misleading content, you have the chance to go unnoticed.

Experiment and improve your conversions:

Make this time where the competition is low to improve your conversion rate. You can experiment with your strategies to convert the traffic that is coming towards your business. Research and identify the keywords that brought you to your audience. Identify the areas where you lose the conversion and try to improve them.

Analyze the reason for your competitor's conversion. Also, make use of on-page SEO.

The methods outlined here are just a few steps that you could make you march forward. But whatever step you take, let it be the right one.