Space Expeditionary Force at Corona

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Space Expeditionary Force at Corona

The week’s Corona meeting of USAF’s top leadership was conducted virtually from June 1-4. Usually, this meet would be conducted at the host base, but now it has been conducted virtually like other global meets happening virtually. The Chief of Staff Gen. David Goldfein stated that a modified Air and Space Expeditionary Force model version has been presented in the meet and this model will make forces more understandable.

Gen. Mike Holmes, Air Combat Command’s head, and Lt. Gen. Mark Kelly, Deputy chief, clearly examined the Air and Space Expeditionary Force model. On briefing about the meet, Goldfein said that a presentation would be made. All the plans regarding the model were decided earlier. Also, work will resume as usual until the new Air and Space Expeditionary Force model is officially approved.

Goldfein also said about the model in an interview. In that he said that it is about force generation. The newly constructed AEF model will satisfy the troops and will be understandable to COCOMs. This has been the best model constructed at the fifth attempt during the tenure of Goldfein. He also tries to spread the overseas deployments duties among the Airmen fairly. Also, the need for certain shortages will be repaired over time.

The construction of the AEF model is totally complete now. Goldfein said that it is really a new idea and a good product. The Commander of Pacific Air Forces, Gen. C.Q. Brown Jr., has been nominated as he was a part of it. Moreover, the Fundamental fighting formation will be followed while presenting it to the forces.