Marketers Focused on Revenue Generation from New and Existing Customer Base in 2021

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Revenue Generation From New And Existing Customer Base In 2021

Marketers Focused on Revenue Generation from New and Existing Customer Base in 2021

Marketers are now looking ahead to the start of 2021. Research suggests that there will be a vast amount of focus on building the customer base, increasing the revenue of existing customers, and also bring out more establishments for effective personalization.

A recent report of the 2020 State of Digital Marketing implied that the marketers would be more focused on acquiring new customers, while 39% are only looking to increase the revenue of existing customers. In addition, 52% are more likely to improve the ability to personalize the content and experience that suits various customers.

There are about 28% looking to improve the ability of the design and then visualize the omnichannel campaigns. 14% stated that they would create over the top customer experience. The report also suggests that marketers are primarily focused on enhancing the experience for existing customers as well as future prospects.

As marketers are looking to give out a robust experience to the customers, the old research indicates that marketing technology is assisting in achieving the goal.

Once the COVID-19 shut down most of the conference meetings and the trade shows in 2020, virtual events have become vital and have become an instant replacement. Regardless of the presence of COVID-19, virtual events are here to stay. Anyway, the approach will only bring the broadcast quality to the format from TV production to form a virtual environment.

The Customer Engagement Report from the 3rd Quarter of 2020 showed that 89% of marketers are mostly believing in the recent technology purchase to meet their needs. It also suggests marketers have a positive outlook. Overall, 69% of marketers have their investment to accelerate the digital transformation. Finally get revenue generation from new and existing customer base in 2021.