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Micro-Influencers The Marketing Force Of The Future

Micro-influencer is a person on a social media platform having a range of 1000 to 100,000 followers and provides interesting content to the followers on a regular basis, but, it is not confined to the number of social followers, even a potent person who can persuade the listeners and make the viewers contemplate is labeled a micro-influencer. The content can be anything like movie reviews, travel vlogs, or exam tips. Regardless of the content, the micro-influencers are more powerful and engaging, which makes them even more influential than a celebrity with a million followers.

One such person is Marta Pozzan, a fashionista who achieved her dream through the words of her blog on Instagram. People follow her for more creative fashion content and genuine passion in fashion. Now, the biggie brands such as Samsung and NARS promote their products using her image, and they believe in the influencer side of the blogger. 

The positive side of the micro-influencers is that they can interact with the followers in a most direct approach. As the followers relate to the influencers more, the real feedbacks from the followers make the influencers to improve the content and the presenting style, by which the influencers and the followers get the desired outcome. But, they do have a bad side where the content gets invariable at a saturation point when influencers stop being periodic with their proposal, the audiences tend to divert to the other attractive media and platforms. 

Branding through micro-influencers is the current trend in the marketing domain, as the influencer has already gained the trust from the people or at least a number of true followers, and it is going to be easy for the endorsements. When the brands directly contact and appreciate the micro-influencer, they gain the belief of the influencer, and it helps to achieve marketing supreme in a simpler way.