4 Reasons To Integrate Your CRM and Email Software

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4 Reasons To Integrate Your CRM and Email Software

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a technological software tool that helps manage customer interaction, relationships, and contact management. But why is it important to merge with emails? Email marketing is the most successful business marketing strategy, and so, joining with the email software, CRM can help you improve the business. Continue reading the reasons to integrate your CRM and email software.

Understand the customer better

  • You send the marketing or product emails only to the customers who subscribed to the company news or product information.
  • When the customer receives an email, you can see how fast they respond to the mail and push them to the next level of the sales line.
  • You can easily find the customer interest in a particular email and how far they have gone to do a business deal.

A better idea of ROI

  • The CRM allows you to understand the successful deals of a single customer and the conditions that lead to the deal.
  • You can find the top emails with deals that ended most success and try to execute such deals very often to improve the business.
  • By this, you can estimate the ROI (Return of Investment) and plan the future customer dealings accordingly.

Send emails easily

  • Using CRM, you can create better templates or use the pre-defined templates to share deals and messages.
  • Now, the advanced CRM tools allow you to use the templates directly on the email application without having to move or copy the file.

Schedule email sending

  • Automated emails are an interesting part of email marketing.
  • You can schedule the emails you have to send at a specific time to many users at once, and the CRM will send it properly.
  • There is no stress for managing the customer email schedule anymore.