Rebel Interactive Takes Risks In Crowded Digital Marketing Industry

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Rebel Interactive Takes Risks In Crowded Digital Marketing

Rebel Interactive Groups Taking Risks In Digital-Marketing Industry

Bryn Tindall, founder and CEO of the digital marketing firm Rebel Interactive Group, said, Rebel interactive takes risks in crowded digital marketing industry.


As of 2016, there are nearly 198,000 consultants in business marketing in the United States. While Forbes magazine stated that last year it is expected to see moderate growth in digital marketing, Rebel has been quite consistent in bringing an upswing.

In three years, there has been a staggering growth of 184% (2016-2019), and it is ranked 2,269 in Forbes Magazine’s latest list of 5,000 fastest-growing U.S companies.

Bryan Tindall said, “I’ve said for years that the wind is blowing in Rebel’s direction. Then COVID-19 came, and it’s just a gale wind at our back now.” This is pointing out that he is expecting a revenue of $15 million this year. “We were predominantly a Northeast company, but because of COVID-19, we are now in most states. … People will buy without meeting in person with you.”


The rebel group is offering a variety of services that also includes advertising, marketing, branding, automation, SEO, amazing data analytics, good web and app development, and business visualization and digitization.


Most of Rebel’s growth is attributed to the 2018-merger with Rocky Hill- The Pita Group, but Bryan Tindall says Rebel’s branding and messaging as the main driving forces.


The Rebel group is a unique digital marketing company that tends to take on an entirely different approach to a problem most companies are trying to solve. They always have a Plan B and Plan C if Plan A doesn’t go according to their plan.


Another example of why Rebel trumps much higher than other companies is because it takes necessary risks. One example to point out is the work it did for Farmington based Otis Worldwide Corp. Otis is known for the successful elevator business, but not getting the clients made Rebel purchase a service contract.


Bryan Tindall added, “We realized that they actually had a bunch of really cool tools (to monitor elevator performance and maintenance needs) that most of their customers didn’t realize they made available.”


“It’s like being able to get to an online portal and lockout elevator banks.”


Tindall said that Otis offered the online portal along with the video-monitoring system and other services separately. Rebel created a defining dashboard to make the job for the customers easy to get the tools in one location, thus making it more friendly. Tindall added, “ Retaining the service is why we got Otis. It is nice to know that we created a shift and stood out in the crowded digital marketing industry. It is the willingness and the mental strength to step outside the box, which makes the difference.”


Rebel is very selective in choosing clients, and their list of clients includes Aetna, Bank of America, L’Oreal, Mercedes-Benz, and smaller companies like Lyman Orchards. It conclude that Rebel interactive takes risks in crowded digital marketing industry.