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We Reminds Users To Update WordPress To Protect Their Data From Cyber Attack

You have to update WordPress to protect your data from intruders. In order to keep your system free from cyberattacks, you have to keep your plugins and installations on the site up-to-date. SEOHost Terry Cane has given many suggestions to keep your data safe and secure. There are also other reasons related to SEO to keep your site secure. If your website undergoes any problems, it is hard to recover your site after that. In a report published under the cybersecurity agency, Sucuri, a major content management site that was hacked in 2018 used WordPress. The major reasons for this issue are insecure plugins and themes, and lack of maintenance by the WordPress webmasters. WordPress is so popular and used by 90% of the content management sites due to its easy user interface. Anyone can create a website in WordPress with the plugin ecosystem. Cane also said that the webmasters of WordPress are not properly educated about cybersecurity, and such mistakes have paved the way to hackers. Most of the cyber-criminals are seeking ways for loose holes. Hackers look for unpatched websites, and there are plenty of such websites in WordPress. If you are a user, it is important to patch the WordPress installation and install only the essential security plugins to protect yourselves from spam and malicious attacks.