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Search Engine Marketing Statistics 2020

Statistics helps us understand data as information and will prove our perception wrong most of the time with its data. Most people believe in search engine marketing, but some don’t. The SEM helps us to improve our business in multiple ways, either through paid search marketing or search engine optimization. Do you know the number of searches made over the Internet each day? More than 3.4 billion searches are done only on Google per day. When you decide to get the number of entire searches done, it will be more than 6 billion per day. The Global Web Index via Datareportal has collected the online search statistics, and its results are given below.

  • 81% of people search online for a product or service to buy.
  • 91% of people from their desktop, laptop, or mobile device visit online retail sites or stores to purchase a product.
  • 66% of people use their mobile phones to purchase the product.

Search Engine Marketing Statistics 2020. We know that most people use the Google search engine to visit a site, gather some information about a specific product or field, and even access their email account. As per the NetMarket Share data, the Google search engine continues to dominate the search engine domain with an average net market share of 73.34%. However, the net market share of the Google search engine is low this year, compared to last year because, at the start of 2019, Google had 75.46% net market share. Even though Google began the year with a small dip, it is still the market leader. The impact of mobile search on SEO is also going to be high. In the coming days, we can see the mobile search numbers increase like never before because most of the latest smartphones come with the advanced technology that makes browsing simple and easier. An analysis by SEMRush shows that 71.76% of domains change their rankings by one place on mobile than desktop. Therefore, in 2020, websites should ensure that they have the mobile-optimization done. The sites also need to keep an eye on their mobile ranking along with desktop ranking.

Organic or Paid Search

Both of these searches are more powerful. Compared to the Paid search, organic SEO is the dominant source of traffic, with around 53%, whereas paid search traffic is only 27%. In the organic search, 67.60% of clicks are made on the first page. In comparison, the results of other pages have reduced gradually.

Voice search popularity

Nowadays, the voice search feature is becoming more and more popular among younger age groups because it is simple and saves typing time. According to the Global Web Index statistic, 45% of people prefer voice commands to browse the content they are looking for.

Voice Search By Age

  • 61% by 16 to 24-year-old people.
  • 50% by 25 to 34-year-old people.
  • 44% by 35 to 44-year-old people.
  • 35% by 45 to 54 years old people.
  • 26% by 55 to 64 years old people.