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SEO Checklist for Perfect Location Page | Google My Business

Are you running a local business? Search Engine Optimization will make sure your company is mapped high. While keyword insertion and other stuffs lie on one side to get ranked higher, an unnoticed or lesser practiced technique is the landing page optimization.

So, what makes a perfect landing (location) page and how to optimize a location page? Location page optimization can be done using the same tactics used for SEO implementation. The location page should have your name, address, and mobile number. But make sure to add the same info as in the other sites like Google My Business [GMB]. Everyone wants their page to be attractive. How about adding a pinch of attraction through photos? The landing page must include pictures of your business, both interior and exterior. It would help your customers to find the physical location of your business.

Don’t add the same description to all your locations. Instead, input unique content that would attract clients. For example, each area is different from the others, and people wouldn’t have the same need everywhere. To stay ahead of your competitors, attach your selling proposition more creatively.

Every page would have a Call-to-action section. You can add links like Shop now if you have enabled online shopping.

But what makes you different from the others? You can add an embedded Google map on the location page, which leads your customers to your business. It will surely help you rank higher. Other than the map pack, you have to focus on the title and description of your website. You can link the social media profile of your business and other data for an entirely creative and perfect location page.