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SEO Tips For Using Microsoft Bing Site Explorer

How To Use Microsoft Bing Site Explorer For SEO?

SEO tips for using Microsoft Bing site explorer - In October 2020, the Microsoft Bing Webmaster Tools team released the Site Explorer tool. This tool offers special features for SEO professionals. This robust SEO tool provides webmasters with quite a clear view of how Microsoft Bing sees a particular website. The Site Explorer software lets webmasters optimize their websites for all the search engines.

Using Microsoft Bing Site Explorer, you can easily filter your URLs as you do using a file explorer. The types of URLs that you can filter are as follows:

  • Indexed URLs
  • Redirecting URLs
  • The URLs that are being blocked by robots.txt

It is to be noted that robots.txt is a text file that webmasters create using which they instruct search engine robots to crawl the pages on their websites.

Site Explorer has got more features than the earlier version of Bing Webmaster Tools, which is known as Index Explorer. Site Explorer has also rectified the flaws that were seen in the Index Explorer tool.

Site Explorer, the new Bing Webmaster tool, is based on the following aspects:

  • A much cleaner and a more responsive design
  • A faster portal containing more actionable data

Let us now see how to optimize websites using Microsoft Bing Site Explorer.

Features Of Site Explorer

You can find the following key features in the Site Explorer tool:

  • It provides a view of the billions of URLs discovered or crawled every day by Bing.
  • It is lightning fast for even extra-large websites like Facebook.
  • It is more user-friendly.
  • The tool functions well on mobile devices.
  • It offers many filtering options.

How Does Site Explorer Work?

When you launch Site Explorer, it will immediately display several folders and URLs. These items will be displayed depending on the total number of clicks each one of them had obtained from the Microsoft Bing search results. These search results would span over the past 6 months.

You have also got the facility to sort these folders and URLs. You can also make use of the access that Site Explorer gives you to relevant crawl information.

You can now continue reading this page to know how to use Microsoft Bing Site Explorer.

Webmasters will be able to perform the following functions using Site Explorer:

  • Inspect the URLs for indexing issues.
  • Test the URLs using the robots.txt tester tool.

Site Explorer gives you the facility to “SEO-explore” all the indexed URLs and also filter them based on certain criteria. Thus, we can say that Site Explorer acts as a complete SEO solution package to check the SEO status of your websites and URLs.

Using Microsoft Bing Site Explorer, you can review and optimize URLs that have already been indexed. You will also be able to review those URLs that have not been indexed. You can then index them appropriately.

The Site Explorer tool has been released in Beta so that it can be improved to benefit SEO pros.

We have now discussed the SEO tips for using Microsoft Bing site explorer and get the maximum benefits out of it.