Top Tips to Grease Your Email Marketing Wheels in 2020

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Top Tips to Grease Your Email Marketing Wheels in 2020

Slowly, the email trend is fading away, and the email marketers have to focus on youngsters to finalize marketing strategies. In ancient times, emails are the most commonly used communication tool, and it was timeless. The email marketers have found continuing success for almost 50 years, and the success continues. As per the Radicati Group research, they found that 3.9 million email users in the year 2019. Probably, it is expected to increase to 4.3 million by the end of 2023. According to the research in the year 2020, over half of the world population is using emails. The Research conducted by Drift and Survey Monkey told that for the past 12 months, 65% of respondents have communicated via emails.

Other tools used by the respondents to communicate with organizations are listed here.

  • Telephone - 55%
  • Website - 42%
  • Online chat - 33%
  • Face to face - 31%
  • Social media - 28%
  • Smartphone app - 28%
  • Chatbots - 13%
  • One-to-one video calls - 7%
  • Video messaging - 5%
  • Other - 2%

According to Nassim Taleb, the author of the Antifragile book, the Lindy effect denotes that the left expectancy of a business or an idea is in proportion to its current age.

The key tips to grease your Email marketing wheels in 2020 are provided on our web page.

Mobile-Centric Emails :

As we move to the digital side, everyone prefers mobile phones instead of desktops to access their emails. To check emails, 81% of people use their smartphone, and 74% of people use a desktop or laptop. So, the marketers have to concentrate more to optimize emails for mobile phones; reduce the size of your copy, images, and overall design to suit the format of the smartphone, and always have to verify the emails from the user perspective. Since, the users might spare only less time to check your emails. If they don’t like the emails, they will surely delete it and will not open it the next time from the same sender. A concise and clear copy will only lead to more visitors to view your pages, blogs, or products.

Voice-Friendly Emails :

In the year 2019, 112 million people from the United States of America have used a voice assistant on various devices. Some of the most commonly used voice-assistant technologies are mentioned here.

  • Amazon Alexa’
  • Apple’s Siri
  • Google Assistant
  • Samsung’s Bixby
  • Microsoft Cortana

This might be the most effective email marketing strategy as the users can hear the emails despite having a busy schedule.

AI-Driven Emails :

Artificial Intelligence has taken the hassle out of email marketing. It will predict the subject line as well as the send time accurately. The Artificial Intelligence technology, powered by machine learning, uses the following cases in email marketing:

  • Craft outstanding subject lines
  • Optimization of send times
  • Smarter segmentation of email marketing lists
  • Video-centered emails

AMP for Emails :

Google introduced AMP or accelerated mobile pages. This will speed up the mobile web, especially the landing pages, websites, and blog posts. AMP for emails will be more helpful for email marketers to create interactive and actionable emails. If you add the following features, AMP provides access to take actions inside their emails without opening the website itself.

  • Accordions
  • Confirmation
  • Carousels
  • Purchase buttons

Emails can be updated in terms of articles. But, to do this, you have to run a third-party script inside the emails. The main disadvantage of running a third-party script is security issues. This disadvantage was overcome by AMP for emails. At first, AMP will analyze the documents for spam and phishing.