Trump's Approval Rating Slumps Amid Coronavirus Fallout

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Trump's Approval Rating Slumps Amid Coronavirus Fallout

Today, we are watching people die. The death rate is increasing like never before. There are large grounds being dig for mass burial. People are not able to get out of their houses even to buy the basic necessities. We have become just mute spectators. Lockdowns are also on the increase. Although experiments and testing are underway, no effective vaccines have been found to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. 

We do not know how many lives are still at stake. The Coronavirus is spreading like a forest fire. It does not seem to have any mercy on people. It looks as if we are waging a losing battle. Even though doctors, experts, and health professionals are trying to bring the death rates down, we have to overcome certain obstacles and tackle the merciless virus.

The United States has seen the worst face of the virus. It is one of the countries that have been severely affected. In other words, it has become a major victim of the Coronavirus.

Meanwhile, the President, Mr. Donald Trump, has been on the downside lately. As the US economy slumps and the death toll rises, people's perspective is also changing rapidly.

Trump was victorious for a short while. He enjoyed an approval rating bump in the month of March 2020. This happened at the onset of the pandemic. But, according to the most recent opinion polls, we have come to know that the public's approval has been on a downward path. 

People are not that happy about Trump's performance. And, his way of handling the Coronavirus outbreak is under scrutiny. From the 29th of March, 2020 to till date, the number of Americans who disapprove of Trump's role and his efforts (to stop the spread) has increased by 5.2%. 

When his grasp of the pandemic is considered, the number of Americans who disapprove (48.9%) of Trump's performance has been steadily increasing. This obviously means that the percentage of Americans who do approve (46.8%) has been decreasing. The most important aspect is that the COVID-19 outbreak is continuing in the middle of the election year. Trump faces re-election. In addition, 435 congressional seats and too many gubernatorial mansions are on the line.

The United States has become a center for the virus spread. Many experts have sent out warning messages. They state that it is increasingly difficult to curb the outbreak. More than 18,000 people in the US have succumbed to the deadly virus. And, thousands of people's lives are at stake. 

Dr. Anthony Fauci is a leading infectious disease expert and also a member of the White House Coronavirus task force. His latest statements regarding the virus seem to be on a brighter note. In his opinion, the death toll will come down to an estimated number of 60,000, when compared to the previous forecasts of 100,000 to 200,000 US lives lost.

Dr. Fauci has attributed the improved state of things to the United States' embrace of rules such as social distancing.

In this state of things, Trump has suspended funding to the World Health Organization (WHO). He has also ordered that his name must be printed on the Treasury Department's relief checks.

The United States is mourning over the irrevocable loss of lives. Let us hope that further loss will be curtailed.