Trump says USA ‘ready to go’ with 2 Million Coronavirus Vaccine

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Trump says USA ‘ready to go’ with 2 Million Coronavirus Vaccine

On Friday, the American president, Trump said that there are 2 Million Coronavirus Vaccine for patients “ready to go.” AstraZeneca, a British Pharmaceutical company, said it would produce about 2 billion vaccines by September after it had started experimenting with it. The vaccine has to go through a safety test before the doses are available for distribution.

President Trump said that they held a meeting on Thursday in White House regarding vaccine development, and to everyone’s surprise, the result is positive. The vaccine development is at an enhanced level. The government is prepared with the necessary transportation and logistics service to distribute them as soon as the two million doses are out from the safety check.

He also mentioned that the nation is doing well in treating the Coronavirus patients. Earlier, the U.S. Federal government chose five companies --- Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, Oxford University & AstraZeneca, Pfizer, and Merck --- for the development of Coronavirus medicine.

The AstraZeneca and Oxford University partnership informed that they are conducting trials for the medicines, and when it is checked out, there will be 2 billion vaccines available for treatment. They have started to produce the vaccines so that when the result comes out positive, the need for the medicine can be fulfilled immediately.

According to their analysis, by August, the result data will be out and in the following months, everyone would know if the dose is going to be effective or not. Also, the company has paired with the Serum Institute of India to manufacture one billion vaccines and supply them to less-income or moderate-income countries.

The Director of National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Fauci said on Tuesday that he is worried about the vaccine’s immunity, as it may not be durable and the protective durability should range from 3 to 6 months.