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Unilever Enter Digital Marketing Initiative With Alibaba

Unilever, a CPG giant, is leveraging third-party Artificial Intelligence in order to improve its Omnichannel marketing. Here, we need to know two things. What is CPG? And what is Omnichannel marketing? CPG is nothing but Consumer Packaged Goods. These are the products that we consume in our everyday lives, such as food, water, beverages, etc. These goods need to be replaced or replenished on a regular basis. Unilever is one such CPG giant. Coming to Omnichannel marketing, it is a type of marketing that involves a multi-channel sales approach. Through this kind of approach, customers are able to enjoy an integrated shopping experience. The customers could be shopping online, or they might be shopping within a store; wherever they might be, they can have a seamless shopping experience. So, the CPG giant called Unilever is enhancing its Omnichannel marketing. And, with whom is Unilever partnering? Unilever is partnering with Alibaba Cloud. This Alibaba Cloud is the intelligence backbone of Alibaba Group. These two partners are involved in an initiative that will help Unilever in developing next-generation digital marketing campaigns. Through this collaboration, Unilever will be making use of Alibaba Cloud’s Artificial Intelligence and other cloud-based technologies so that it can enhance and improve its Omnichannel marketing. Unilever is trying to uncover fresh insights into the purchasing patterns and behavior of its customers. With the help of Alibaba Cloud, Unilever is also attempting to create precisely targeted digital marketing ventures. Using Alibaba’s Artificial Intelligence, the CPG giant will predict and then quickly respond to changing customer habits. This strategic venture will be happening across multiple platforms. Unilever also intends to use Alibaba Cloud technology to support an optimized brand experience at its online stores on the Alibaba Taobao and the Tmall platforms. One of the advantages of the partnership will be that Unilever will be making use of data intelligence provided by Alibaba Cloud to better understand both the anticipated and the current customer demands.

Some of the technologies from Alibaba Cloud will help in strengthening Unilever’s data intelligence analysis. Three of those technologies are listed here:

  • Dataphin, which is a PaaS platform. Paas stands for Platform as a Service. Dataphin is used for intelligent information processing and management.
  • Analytic DB, which is an online analytical processing (OLAP) managed database cloud service. Analytic DB is used to process vast quantities of information in real-time.
  • Quick BI, which is an intelligent business analysis suite. This can be used to create enterprise business insights.

As mentioned previously, the technologies listed above (from Alibaba Cloud) will aid in nurturing Unilever’s data intelligence analysis. Mr. Fang Jun, VP data and digital, Unilever China, has stated that Alibaba Cloud’s cutting-edge technology will definitely ensure that the customers enjoy even more value from their relations with Unilever. He also said that Unilever’s customers would be able to enjoy an enhanced shopping experience via relevant campaigns and activities. Through such campaigns, Unilever can also get fresh insights into its customers’ buying preferences. Ms. Selina Yuan, the President of International Business, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence, has declared that the need to understand what customers want has become very significant. She has agreed that attracting the customers’ attention is a never-ending challenge for marketers. She has emphasized that Alibaba Cloud’s solutions definitely have the capability to unlock customers’ insights. These insights will help Unilever in successfully continuing and building brand loyalty with its customers. Strengthening brand loyalty is very significant in the present scenario-a continuously evolving and complex marketplace. The collaboration between Unilever and Alibaba Cloud is an important part of “China Gateway 2.0.” The major goal of this program will be to assist Alibaba Cloud’s partners and customers to speed up their growth in China. And this will be done by capitalizing the country’s local business expertise and mature ecosystem.