Device Support

Set up your Printer

  • Do you want to know how to unbox and set up your printer for the first time?
  • Are you worried that you might damage any printer parts while handling it?
  • Are you finding any difficulties in connecting your printer with other devices?
  • You need not fret. Every owner of a new printer has these questions running in his/her head.
  • You have come to the right support site. We will take you through all the steps right from unboxing the printer to installing the software.

Installation For Printer Driver

Right now, you might be in need of a driver for your Brother printer. Or, you might be stuck in the procedure to install your HP printer’s driver…

Since the driver is the most crucial part of any printer, choosing the correct one as well as installing it correctly are the most important tasks in any printer configuration.

We will assist you in selecting the appropriate driver package for your printer. Then, we will guide you through the instructions to install that driver on your computer/device (connected to the printer).

Printershare Mobile Print

You might have heard of Printershare. If not, then read ahead…

Using Printershare, you can comfortably print your documents/images from other people’s (like your friend’s) printers!

Mobile printing has become a very useful and integral part of modern-day printer functionality. You can get help from us regarding any mobile printing problem. Your device could be anything like a smartphone, a tablet, an iPhone, or some other similar device; rest assured that our support services will be useful in getting your documents or images printed from any of these devices.

Google Cloud Print

Nowadays, “printing from anywhere” has been made possible because of the excellent features of Google Cloud Print. You can utilize our services to connect your printer to Google Cloud Print. Using Google Cloud Print, you can manage all your printers (that are connected to the same network) as well as any of your printing jobs elsewhere.

AirPrint - Apple Support

Are you not sure if your printer supports the Apple AirPrint feature? Don’t get hassled!

Just go through our list of printers that are Apple AirPrint-compatible. We have provided this list on our website. If you are able to spot your printer model on this list, you can be sure that it supports AirPrint without a doubt. Even if your printer is NOT AirPrint-compatible, we can help you in utilizizing other apps to be able to print wirelessly from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

As you might be aware, you can also use AirPrint to print from a Mac device. Whatever Mac device you are using, we have the right set of guidelines to help you print from that device.

Firmware Update

You might be using a Canon, HP, or Epson printer. Whatever the case, the firmware updates will be released by that company on a regular basis.

You can contact our Technical Team and get their support in installing the latest firmware in your printer. We keep updating our database with the most recent firmware versions.

The apps on your printer control panel might also get the latest updates. With our help, you can have your control panel apps up-to-date. Whenever a printer manufacturer releases the new firmware versions, we will guide you in making use of the various product enhancements and the latest issue fixes.

USB Printer Setup

We will make the entire USB printer setup is beyond simple and easy for you! If any problem arises on your end, trying to detect your printer after connecting using a USB cable, we can help you fix it. We have the most feasible and simplest solutions to any such issue. You can navigate to the most common error-fixing methods in the Troubleshooting section of our website blog, or as always you can contact any member of our Technical Team online.

Printing Setup

If you wish to get the best photo quality out of your printer, what do you usually do?

Yes! That’s right.

You alter the print settings in such a way that you obtain the best possible resolution and clarity. For any printer model, we have got the right print settings for excellent outputs.

Our services include helping you out in setting the right numbers for all parameters such as image resolution, size, and dimensions, to name a few.

Network Setup

Whether you are going for a wired or wireless network setup, we are here to lend you a helping hand. 

We will point you in the right direction to connect your printer using an Ethernet cable or wireless network. 

For all your network-related issues, you can approach us. We even extend our support to all your network connection and sharing problems. Depending on your printer model, we will troubleshoot any difficulty and fix the issue for you immediately.



Laser printers are the most commonly used domestic printers at the moment. Since they are primarily used for domestic purposes, non-professionals usually face difficulties while setting up the printer for the first time. To help them out, we provide our support through online and remote assistance. If you are a non-professional as well, you can contact our technical experts to clarify your doubts and set up your laser printer immediately.


Solid ink printers use small spheres of solid ink (stored in a hopper) to make their mark. Due to overheating, the ink might melt-down and stick to the paper. Also, most solid ink printer users face a dried-up ink issue along with the other issues that come along with this type of printer. We provide the best solutions to deal with any such problems that you might encounter with your solid ink printers.


LED printers typically indicate any errors they have through the indicator lights on their control panel. Identifying printer errors based on LED indication is the most challenging task experienced by LED printer users to this date. If you are confused about the LED indications on your printer, contact our technical support team to identify any present errors and resolve them quickly. 


A 3D printer is the most advanced printer as it is the only printer that can create three-dimensional objects based on your designs. We have the best solutions for 3D printer problems such as overheating, extruding failure, and layer shifting. We have already proven our services for leading 3D printer models. Contact our technical experts to troubleshoot your 3D printer quickly. 


Home Inkjet printers are mostly used for domestic purposes. The basic design and simplicity of these printers might make you comfortable while using them. But if you are facing problems with these types of printers, you will most definitely need the intervention of a technician. To help you out, we provide the best solution for your printer, and all you have to do is get in touch with us.


Multifunction printers include properties like printing, scanning, copying, and faxing. When there is a lot to do, users can easily get confused on how to operate them correctly. Our technical support team is the best you can trust to guide you on setting up, installing, scanning, printing, copying, faxing, and troubleshooting using the multifunction printers of any brand.


Dot Matrix printers can be seen widely in companies and offices. Some of the common printing problems like print head issues and uneven printing might make your situation even more unpleasant at times. We are here to help you out with these difficulties. We also provide our support for Dot Matrix printer issues such as faulty connection, blown main power motor, and printer driver errors.


Business Inkjet printers are professional machines that are embedded with multiple functions. If you are not an expert in handling the printer, you might misconfigure the printer settings. To set up your printer like a professional, contact our technical support team filled with well-trained technicians that have expertise in fixing printer issues. We also provide remote assistance to help you out with the common printer problems like offline printer, print quality problem, wireless connection errors, scan errors, and ink errors.


Our technical support members will help you in installing, connecting, and operating your printer, be it any brand. Whatever your printer issue is, we have quick solutions just a click away. We put forth our experience and expertise towards customer satisfaction, regardless of the project. We have a dedicated team working around the clock to quickly respond to your queries and assist you in every way possible.


Wireless printing is a good choice for those who want to print remotely, with no cables involved. Right from setting up the router to configuring the printer for a wireless connection, we’ll be around handling the technical work for you.


Our technical support members will help you in installing, connecting, and operating your printer, be it any brand. Whatever your printer issue is, we have quick solutions and just a click away. We put forth our experience and expertise towards customer satisfaction We have a dedicated team working round the clock quickly respond to your queries and assist you in every way possible.


Connecting your printer to any computer is not just about physical connection, but you also need a software that drives the printer functionality from the computer. We can help you establish any connection (USB/Wireless/Ethernet), install the printer driver, and carry out the functionalities of that said printer. Find the step-by-step guide to easily connect your printer to your computer and perform hassle-free printer functions on our website blog.


As said earlier, without a driver, you cannot access your printer from a computer over standard wired or wireless connection. Hence, choosing the right driver that is both compatible and up-to-date is essential to your uninterrupted experience. We have links on our website blog that enable you to download a driver for any printer within just a click, as well as a neat guide to help you with the driver installation. Of course, we are also available to offer remote assistance if needed.


Over time, you may face issues with your printer and naturally, you will start looking for easy solutions to fix them. One such common solution is reinstalling the printer (driver). This involves removing the existing printer driver completely from your computer, downloading the most recent version of the compatible driver, and installing it properly. Our experts can do this for you much quicker and much simpler.

External Peripheral Devices



A mouse is what makes a desktop computer complete. You can feel the ease of navigation and scrolling through options while using a mouse. We can help you choose the right mouse for your PC and connect it, be it a wired or wireless mouse.


A keyboard is the main device of connection to use your desktop computer. We have solutions for any keyboard issue, and of course, our neatly organized guide will help you out as well. If you require any assistance, you can very easily contact us too.


A Monitor is the main display screen of your computer. There are several types of monitors available in this digital world. However, setting up a monitor with your computer is the same process, regardless of the brand. We know the ins and outs of any computer, hence, we have the right settings you need for a perfect display on your monitor.


Want to print an important file from your computer..but struggling?? You can look for the solution on our site blog or approach us and we will help you connect your computer and printer, install the right driver, and carry out printer functions. Our printer services include Wired connection, Wired Ethernet connection, Wireless connection, mobile printing, and troubleshooting.

External Zip drive

It is a portable storage device like a floppy disk that can be removed from your computer. You can easily store your files and backups on the drive. The most common issue with a drive is corrupted files. In the worst-case scenario, you might lose important data. Our team experts can get your drives back unaffected with all your data safe and secure. 


A scanner is a device you can use to make digital copies of your documents and pictures. We can guide you to select the right scanner that can work well with your computer, as well as install the required software to access it. We can also give you the right tips and tricks to get the best scan output. Our easy fixes will help you get rid of scanning issues in just a few simple steps.

Internal Peripheral Devices

CD-ROM drive

A CD-ROM often comes in the form of an installation disc, meaning that it is a kind of read-only memory that comes in compact cases. With a CD-ROM drive being an inbuilt component of a PC, we are able to provide clear instructions on how to fix issues with a CD-ROM drive.

CD-R drive

These are recordable drives that can create CD-ROMs and allow them to publish audio CDs. We provide solutions to download and update the latest drivers and detection issues. You can check out our website blog for some of the most common issues and the corresponding solutions associated with a CD-R drive.

Internal modem

An internal modem is plugged in directly to the CPU of your computer while external modems are connected through a USB port outside of the CPU. Internal modems work for remote serial consoles.  You can contact us for any issues with your internal modem, and we will get back to you with the right fix.