Duckduckgo Is Now A Default Search Engine Option On Android

Duckduckgo Is Now A Default Search Engine Option On Android

Duckduckgo Is Now A Default Search Engine Option On Android In The EU

Recently, Google announced that DuckDuckGo would be their default search engine for the Android operating system in the territories of the EU. These territories will prefer DuckDuckGo along with the Google search engine. The other search engines for Android in the EU are Yandex,, Qwant, GMX, Givero, PrivacyWall, and Seznam. Google has announced this new search engine after it was fined $5 billion for the antitrust issues it had caused in the EU.

In order to use the new search engine, Android users have to update their devices because the Android devices have the Google search engine in-built. Following DuckDuckGo, is next in the queue as the default search engine. It is an American company that again raises questions on the privacy of user data.

Google held an auction to choose the alternative for its search engine. The CEO of Qwant, Eric Leandri, found the auction to be dreadful. He said that Google used its dominant position to earn by conducting such an auction. While Gabriel Weinberg, the CEO of DuckDuckGo, said that it was a “pay-to-play auction,” the CEO of Ecosia was unhappy with the idea of the auction and refrained from it saying that Google is behaving in a monopolistic way towards the EU council.

Post the auction, the search engine company has started the recruitment for various domains and platforms. The positions include Senior Public Manager US, Fraud Prevention, Senior Privacy Engineer, Lead Brand Designer, Senior Site Reliability Manager, Senior Policy Manager EU/US, and VP Brand Marketing.

By March 2020, the default search engine choice screen on Android devices for the European users was modified. People are now interested to see the real change the new search engine is about to bring to the EU markets. However, users who want to continue with the current search engine can continue with it.