Frequently Ask Questions

Annansys is an independent online service center which provides technical support to all your electronic gadgets instantly; we are not associated with HP. We have customers across USA who majorly call us for resolving their printer issues of brands such as HP, Canon, Epson, and more.

You need Annansys for three solid reasons- Instant & Feasible Solutions, No Queuing system, and Low-cost Service Package compared to others.For an instance, if you have a printer and it is not connecting to the network, our technical support will check all your devices connected to the network under the same package that you opt for, irrespective of any gadget that you bring to us online for support.

If you are a new customer, contact us at 1 (866)-309-6188, or send us an email on “”. If you are an existing customer, keep your order or receipt number for reference when you call us or mention it in the email that you send.

The payment process is secure, and your credentials are encrypted to avoid forgery and fraudulent activities. As soon as the issue with your device is fixed, our agent will copy-paste the payment gateway link on your computer screen and wait till the payment process completes successfully. A receipt along with the order number is generated after the payment process.

Online support predominantly requires access to your computer. Hence, with prior approval from the customer, and with the help of a secured Screen Connect software, we access your personal computer or laptop only for resolving the issue. We ensure that you, the customer see everything that happens in your system at the time of providing online support.

Yes, the personal information that you provide to us at the time of support is kept confidential. Our services are aligned as per the GDPR data protection policy and we give high preference to the customer’s safety than looking at it only in the business perspective.

Send us an email with your Order ID specified along with the reason(s) to avail refund. Our team will revert to you with the status of refund after validating your request.

After availing support from our technical team for any of your device, if the issue remains unresolved within the stipulated time, call us back to fix it at free of cost else, in unavoidable cases, you can request for refund.

Follow these simple steps if you are initiating a refund for the service that you availed :

  • Step 1 : Call the Toll-free number 1 (866)-309-6188 and tell the customer support your Service Order Id or email us at with the order Id and the purpose of refund.
  • Step 2 : Our customer support will review the history of your order and verifies the reason of the refund applied for. Refunds can be applied only if the issue remains unresolved or repetitive.
  • Step 3 : If there is a change in the cause of the issue at the time of applying refund, then your refund request will not be approved. Hence, we ensure that you come with genuine refund requests so that we will be processing it within 6- 8 business days.

Once the refund process has been initiated from our end, you will receive a confirmation email on the same and will be refunded within 6-8 business days.

This question has been asked by many of our customers before availing the service with us specifying that,” I was searching Google for the HP Printer, but I reached Annansys”. To make you clear, we are a genuine third-party service provider of all electronic gadgets where we receive major queries about HP printers. As our website provides genuine information on HP printers to the users, the moment you keyed-in your HP Printer model, you reached us directly.We have a huge base of happy customers who still approach us for any printer queries. So, if you are looking for any printer support, give us a call on the Toll-free number without any hesitation. We provide a secure service.