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Google Will Shut Down Structured Data Testing Tool

Structured Data Testing Tool [To] Rich Results Test Tool

Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool (SDTT) is officially out and Rich Results Test Tool (RRTT) is the next brand-new release. These are the data collecting tools used for highlighting particular information that helps the search engines. Google says that the Rich Results Test Tool supports all the rich result features supported on the Google search engine. The tech company has not yet removed the Structured Data Testing Tool, but they want people to get used to the new tool. Very soon, we would see Google detract SDTT.

In 2017, when the RRTT was launched, it did support only a few structured data like movies, jobs, courses, and recipes. At that time, SEO people and digital channel owners were disappointed because they had to use another tool that is SDTT. Now, RRTT is out of beta and is improvised with more precise data representation on the search page. The new tool helps people by displaying the search features for the provided markup, effectively handling of the dynamically loaded structured data, meeting the search console results, providing rich results for an entire URL page or a fragment of data, and providing the desktop and mobile versions.

Google says that the test results would issue errors and warnings, which can ultimately affect the page and end up disqualifying the page from showing up as a rich result. If warnings are provided, the page could be limited, but it can still be shown as a rich result. The RRTT has the ability to test data resources like Microdata, JSON-LD, and RDFa, along with all the markup categories that are supported on Google’s search result.

Google Will Shut Down Structured Data Testing Tool. It has now become clear that the old tool is no more necessary for markup search results and it is the reason for Google to remove the old tool. With regular use, people can get used to the Rich Results Testing Tool.