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Home Support


There are different brands and models of printers available. The functionality of each printer may vary. We understand that installation and setup can be difficult, which is why we make it a priority to assist you in understanding your printer, provide guidelines, and help maintain the printer regardless of brand or model.

Home Support


Computer Security is an important aspect that every home user has to worry about. We at Annansys can take that burden off your shoulders by protecting your computer from virus attacks, malware, hackings, and identity theft. Our technical support team can equip your personal device with the highest form of defense mechanisms.

Home Support


Every day, there is something new in technology that is introduced to the world. You can run your old PC like new again using our Tune-up service. This service helps optimize your PC, clear performance issues, and update software, regardless of when your device was manufactured.


Configuring email in new devices isn't an easy task for everybody. We assist in setting up and troubleshooting your email accounts with ease. If you are a naive user, you will get complete support from our expert team providing step-by-step instructions. You can avail the best services by subscribing with us.


If you are starting a new Home Network, we can help you from scratch. We render support in setting up the new network, resetting the existing router and modem setup, troubleshooting and resolving the connectivity issues, and so much more. Our technical experts will provide you with instant support through online chats and calls.


Wireless connections are the preferred network type as it becomes more and more convenient than the traditional method. Using Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi), you can always stay connected to the internet. Get guidance from our support team to understand the working mechanism and connectivity technique to enjoy your Wi-Fi facility thoroughly.


Data is the core of all your online activities. Regular backing up of files is essential to avoid any loss of data. There is a range of backup plans like Local, Cloud, Hybrid, and Periodic backup with us. Contact our support team to know about the best backup service plan that fulfills all your system's requirements.


A widely used operating system more often than not will be the subject to some form of error. Our tech support team not only troubleshoots such present problems and provides you with the specified update instructions regarding the error, but also deals with the account activation issues as well.


Program errors and software crashes can occur for a multitude of different reasons. Locating the real core reason behind such issues can be quite the task. Our tech support team will aid you with one, locating the problem, but also with two, troubleshooting the issue with the appropriate solutions.

Home Support


If you are a home user, you need support and guidance for the instalation and setting up of your operating system. We help make you aware of such PC features like iCloud, which allow the storing of multimedia files and other documents. Our technicians are experienced in PC and will help you to get the most out of the OS.

Home Support


Technology innovations are unstoppable. You may have the desire to learn about the new gadgets, their applications, and working techniques but you may not have found the right resource. You can ping our tech geeks who will help you in understanding the complicated details of your gadgets in a simpler and more resourceful way.

Home Support


Every app store has a number of applications. You may easily understand the working of an application but to utilize that app to its fullest potential, you will need some tips and tricks. Our technical support will guide you to obtain the maximum advantage out of your software application.