New Zealand says Zero Active Coronavirus Cases | Back To Normal Life

New Zealand says Zero Active Coronavirus Cases

New Zealand says it’s Eliminated All Coronavirus Cases and is Resuming Normal Life

Till June 9, 2020, the reported Coronavirus confirmed cases are 1,154 and 1132 among the reported cases have recovered. During the recent days, there are no new coronavirus (COVID-19) cases. So, Jacinda Ardern (the Prime Minister of New Zealand) said that all the restrictions on social distancing and businesses would be lifted. The country’s border controls will be maintained in order to pave the way for normal life in New Zealand.

At a press conference, New Zealand’s Prime Minister said, ‘We united in unprecedented ways to crush the virus.’ Also, he added that their goal was to move out the other side as quick and as safe as possible. They had followed the elimination strategy instead of suppressing the virus transmission. When compared to all countries, New Zealand imposed and followed the lockdown restrictions strictly. Only essential services were operated during the lockdown period. They were of the opinion that eliminating the virus transmission is the only efficient way to recover the economy rapidly. The strict lockdown came to an end by May 14, 2020. They followed a seven-week strict lockdown across the country. After May 14, restrictions were lifted one by one. By now, most of the restrictions have been lifted, except for the country’s border restrictions.

Michael Baker (the Professor of Public Health at the University of Otago) said that ‘This is the first battle in what will be a long-term war against this coronavirus (COVID-19).’ This threat would remain still because it is pandemic across the globe. And to end with a positive note, no new cases have been recorded for the past 17 days.