Reducing Digital Marketing due to COVID-19? – READ THIS FIRST

Reducing digital marketing due to COVID-19


Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the whole world is under lockdown, and every country is witnessing a massive drop in the economy. Many industries have dropped their performance by 20%, and some business investors have planned to reduce the budgets and maximize efficiency. Digital marketing is not an exceptional case in this uncertainty. Within two weeks of lockdown, an unexpected loss in revenue had made the business very worse compared to any other disaster. 

Data analytics would take more considerations since all the employees were instructed to work remotely. Even though there is a possible way of filtering the internal traffic through VPN, typical filters can’t catch workers who are working remotely right now. Since we all know that the search demand is low amidst the Coronavirus issue, it is recommended to reduce or pull back the paid spend of the company’s service unless it is essential. Also, it will be a possible solution to survive in the market if your company’s product is not a priority for the customers in this current situation. It is always good to keep an eye on ‘return on ad spend’ (ROAS). Business leads and other advisors recommend using email marketing, SEO, and Content marketing to its maximum limit.

Since Email is comparatively cheap and effective to paid search, you can increase your marketing through email campaigns. Even Google Search Console has dropped much in the search ratio. It is no longer a decrease due to SEO, but due to the impact of COVID-19. During the first week of February, the search interest in Coronavirus increased by 260 % according to the reports from Google. So, it is expected that the paid search will help you in hyper-targeting, and combining this with the marketing offers or advertisement would be the best possible way to sort out the present issue.