Why Whatsapp Marketing is a Next Big Thing for Digital Marketers??

Whatsapp Marketing

How Whatsapp Help for Digital Marketers?

WhatsApp, the Facebook-owned app, is one of the most famous as well as the most frequently-used apps in the world. This app has almost 1.5 billion users from all parts of the world.

Whatsapp Marketing – WhatsApp has not been used widely as a marketing tool until now. But its potential to become a marketing tool is huge. Although it has been an “untapped” tool, the launch of WhatsApp ads is definitely going to change the whole game. Meanwhile, business sectors such as travel, diners, etc. have been using WhatsApp to contact their consumers.

Digital marketing experts all over the world have been busy talking about WhatsApp Marketing. They are all interested in knowing the methods of utilizing this platform to promote brands and establish contacts with prospective customers. Through WhatsApp, business persons will be able to reach out to their audiences in a quick and convenient manner.

At the Facebook Marketing Summit that happened in 2019 in the Netherlands, the company declared that it would be introducing ‘Status Ads.’ Using these ads, users can see the names of the advertisers as well as their associated advertisements. This new venture will open a lot of opportunities for brands that want to get closer and more personal with their consumers.

The ways in which marketers can utilize WhatsApp:
There are two products available in WhatsApp using which marketers can reach out to their customers. They are:

WhatsApp for Business App: This product can be used by small businesses.
WhatsApp for Business API: This product can be used by medium and large businesses.

Sabyasachi Mitter, Founder and MD, Fulcro, has talked about the above two products. He has stated that the WhatsApp for Business App is similar to the one all of us are using on our mobiles right now. It has some additional features like a basic product catalog and auto-responders. He has added that the WhatsApp for Business API allows brands to communicate with their customers using Notification Messages and a 24-hour window called the Session Window.

So far, advertising has continuously been a one-way trip. But WhatsApp helps brands in communicating with their customers using a two-way method. Through this two-way method, brands can get closer and more personal with their customers.

Vishal Rupani, the Co-Founder and CEO, mCanvas, states that some businesses still use their personal WhatsApp messages for interacting with customers. Even though this might be adequate for small-scale businesses, medium and large-scale enterprises need to look at the bigger picture. He adds that large brands have begun using WhatsApp Business API to send personalized appointment reminders, order notifications, verification codes, and shipping alerts.

Rupani has also stated that the personalized nature of WhatsApp messages triggers a desire to engage with the messages. The conversational and interactive quality of WhatsApp will help make brands reach consumers and keep them interested and engaged.

Some brands that have used WhatsApp and succeeded:
There are several brands that have used WhatsApp in the right way to reach out to their customers. Two of them are Nykaa and BookMyShow.

OYO, the Indian hotel booking website, helps customers with personalized alerts regarding booking confirmations, directions to hotels, and even cancellation of bookings! OYO makes sure that customers do all of these in a convenient and hassle-free manner.

KLM is the flag carrier airline of the Netherlands. It utilizes WhatsApp Business API for sending booking confirmations, boarding passes, and flight statuses to their customers.

Absolut has been one of the first brands that have successfully used WhatsApp creatively. The company has used WhatsApp to promote its Absolut Unique vodka. Absolut allows consumers to interact with a fictional bouncer known as ‘Sven.’ Consumers will be able to send and receive both text and voice messages, pictures, and videos, thereby interacting with Sven creatively. Using these facilities, customers try to convince Sven and emphasize the fact that they deserve to get one of the two available passes to Absolut’s exclusive party!

Thus, Absolut has been thinking out of the box and has also been successful in using WhatsApp as a marketing tool uniquely and creatively.

We have now seen the reasons why WhatsApp marketing could be the next big thing for digital marketers. We have also discussed the newly added features that WhatsApp can boast about and the brands that have successfully used WhatsApp as their marketing tool.